The Help Fashion

Happy Hump Day readers!

If you'll recall I did a book review of The Help (here) in the spring and simply raved about it!  Shortly after I read the book, my mom did too, and also loved it.  We were thrilled the movie was coming out and had been planning to see it just the two of us.

Needless to say, Mother Nature got in the way of our movie plans.  We had hoped to see it last Tuesday night, but after the earthquake, I just needed some time to chill and then we thought we might try to go Sunday, and Irene hit.  We finally made it yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed the movie.

I was quite impressed by the film.  I thought the director did a really good job of not changing too many things or leaving important details out.

What also impressed me in the film was the FASHION!  I have always loved clothes from the 50s and 60s and this movie provided me with some fashion eye candy.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Pink and green...with bows too!  What more could a girl want?

Even though this dress was "homemade" by Elizabeth, I thought the fabric was so beautiful.

This isn't the best photo, but Celia's top in this scene was so cute!  I would totally pair it with jeans and cowboy boots!

Skeeter certainly cleaned up nicely for her first date with Stuart!

Are you a fan of The Help?  Do you have a favorite fashion decade?

Have a great day!


Leisure Diving

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Many people here in Richmond are still without power, so I am very thankful ours came back on so quickly.

Did anyone get the chance to watch The Today Show yesterday?

I tuned in for a few minutes and really enjoyed their segment on "Leisure Diving."  Have any of y'all heard of it?

LeisureDive.com features all sorts of crazy photos of people leisurely diving/falling into pools with props and costumes.

The key to a good leisure dive, according to Today, was having a casual face, not one of "I'm about to dive in a pool with my clothes on!"

Here are a few of my favorites found on their website:

"Hawaii Dive-O"

"Nap Dive"

"Hotdoggin Dive"

"Sunday at the Library Dive"

"Pool Service Dive"

We have a pool in our backyard and this kind of makes me want to try a leisure dive...I don't know how I'd feel about jumping in the pool fully clothed though...

Would you ever leisure dive?

Have a great day!


Hurricane Weekend!

Happy Monday readers!

Wow, what a week we had here in Virginia--first an earthquake on Tuesday and then a hurricane on Saturday!

Hurricane Irene caused quite a stir here in Richmond--most of the city is without power (fortunately ours came on yesterday afternoon) and there are trees down all over town (including on my Grandma's shed).  Luckily, however, all of us were safe.

Though, I know that hurricanes are serious business, I've always associated them with a level of excitement.  When I was younger we often would miss school due to hurricanes and there's just something fun about the power going out.

This weekend was no different.  Bryce and I braved the storm at his house on Saturday.  The power went out around 5:45 pm, but luckily he has a gas stove so we still had a great dinner...made in the dark.

We had already planned to make dinner that night, so I had brought over the fixings for risotto.

Making risotto by flashlight...

Without the camera's flash--this is a more accurate picture of the experience!

The risotto--yum!!

We were hard at work!

Because of the storm, we weren't able to go to the store and get the rest of the ingredients for dinner.  We decided that for a meat we would reheat some leftover meatballs from an Italian dinner with my family Thursday night.

Final product--without flash!

VOILA!  A delicious meal made with no electricity!

After dinner, we decided to camp out downstairs because so many trees were coming down all around us.  We had quite the set up with sleeping bags, a camping light, and Bananagrams--one of my absolute favorite games!

We were also able to listen to tunes on Bryce's computer while it still had battery power!  We checked the storm out online with his wireless card too.  This is what we saw:

The next day we both spent helping our families clean up!  A tree went down at his mom's house and one went down at my Grandma's.  After that we all enjoyed the electricity at my house!

My Grandma's Shed

The tree's root system!

Did Irene affect you?  How did you brave the storm?

Have a great day!


Bundle of Joy

TGIF!  What a week, readers!

Today I have to go into school and we're going to have a meeting to figure out the next steps for the school year.  The students will not be returning until after Labor Day!

One good part of the earthquake, was that I got to relax for a few days and meet Baby Dylan!  Wednesday, the new mommy and daddy came into town for a lunch at my Grandma's. 

What a little angel!

He is SUCH a good baby and didn't fuss at all during the lunch.

The new great grandmother!

Great Aunt

And then it was my turn!

He's so little!

I didn't want to let him go!

When it was time for the bundle of joy to go home, he got placed in his carrier with the monkey I gave him when I found out KLB was pregnant in March!

I can't wait to see him again!

Is anyone in your family expecting?

Have a great weekend!


Charleston Top Ten

Hello readers!  Today I bring Student Teaching Guest Post #1!  Ashton, from Soulshine is posting her Top Ten of Charleston and I couldn't be more thrilled!  I've never been to Charleston but am dying to go!

Hey y'all! My name is Ashton.  I am the girl behind Soulshine and one of the belles over at The Belles of Saturday.  I was delighted when Allie asked me to guest post for her.  I started following her blog some months ago, and I instantly had a new friend in the blogosphere.  Allie graciously guested for me when I was in the middle of my final exams last May.  I was looking forward to the opportunity to return the favor.
I live in Charleston, SC and attend law school.  I am thankful everyday that I live in such a wonderful and charming city.  I grew up only an hour south of Charleston right outside of Beaufort, SC.  The coast is my home and I swear saltwater runs through my viens.  All my life, I have been blessed by growing up in an area rich in beauty and history alike.  Many people travel each year to get a glimpse of the Lowcountry, soak up its culture, and sit on its beaches.  For those of you planning a trip or interested in learning more about this area, I present to you the Top Ten of Charleston.
These are completely my opinion and not in the official Guide Book.
Eat at as many restaurants as possible!  
There are two cities in this world that I would love to eat my way through.  They are Rome, Italy and Charleston, SC.  Husk was just named Bon Appetit's Best New Restaurant in America.  I have eaten there, and it was beyond delicious.  A trio of restaurants line East Bay that offer diverse menus with a southern flavor.  My two personal favorites are 82 Queen and Halls Chophouse.  I am hoping to try McCrady's this year during Charleston Restaurant Week.  If you can plan your trip around restaurant week, do it!  The deals are incredible and the only way I can afford to eat at all this fabulous places.
Take a scroll along the Battery.  
You will pass the famed Rainbow Row.
Take in the panoramic view of the harbor and admire the historic homes.
Be sure to take a little detour to the Waterfront Park to see the pineapple {the sign of hospitality}.
Fort Sumter.  
It is where the first shot's of the Civil War were fired.  Pure historic value.
This is a no brainer.  Each of the beaches around Charleston have a different vibe.  Folly is more of the "party" beach were most the younger crowd goes.  Sullivan's is the second "party" beach with also a family atmosphere.  Isle of Palms and Kiawah are more family oriented.  Folly and Sullivan's each have a variety of restaurants on their main drag.  Check out Rita's and Taco Boy when on Folly and stop by Poe's on Sullivan's for one of their infamous burgers.  The beach season in Charleston runs from April to October.
Boone Hall is the picturesque Southern plantation.  From the annual oyster roast in January to strawberry picking in the Spring to pumpkin picking in the Fall, Boone Hall offers it all.  The grounds are spectacular.  To take a little of Boone Hall back with you, stop by Boone Hall Farms to buy some produce grown on the plantation.
The newly renovated historic market is the quintessential Charleston tourist spot.
After walking through the market, enjoy a happy hour cocktail atop the Market Pavilion Hotel.  For dinner, head to Hank's for some the best seafood in the city.  I, personally, advise you to stray from Hyman's - it is over-priced and over-rated.  Purely my opinion.  There are better places.
To slow things down and for a more relaxed atmosphere, take the short drive off the peninsula and spend some time on Shem Creek.  There are several restaurants over looking the rivah with outside dining options.  My favorite is Red's Icehouse.  Not only is the food good, but the view is incredible.
I captured this sunset from my iPhone.
Shem Creek has minimal boat traffic, so it is ideal for a kayaking or paddle boarding adventure.
The Farmer's Market is open from the second weekend in April to the third weekend in December.  It is located in Marion Square.  Get there early to avoid the line at the Charleston Crepe Company.  I recommend the nutella, banana, & nut crepe.  Delish!  Their are local artist selling a variety of items.  My favorite vender is Scarlet Poppy.  These two artist put together stunning vintage pieces.  They will also do custom pieces, if you would like to get something converted into a necklace.  I had a brooch belonging to my late grandmother converted into a necklace.
Be ready to drop some serious dough.  The law school is located a stone's throw from King Street.  Dangerous.  You can get into some major trouble on King Street.  It has everything from local boutiques like Copper Penny to major retailers like J.Crew.  If you can, devote an entire day here.  Your significant other can settled down at one of the several restaurants/bars for a drink and watch ESPN.
Why?  Well...because it is just that majestic.
My future husband can go ahead and propose to me there.  Just sayin'.
So who is ready to come down for a visit?!
See y'all soon!

Have a great day!!


I Survived!

Happy Hump Day to you all!

Though I don't want "personal days" to become a regular thing on this blog, I'm going to take another personal day today.  The epicenter of the 5.9 earthquake that hit Virginia yesterday was in the very same location as my school.  I had never experienced an earthquake before and in my initial panic thought it was a bomb and that I might not live.

Needless to say, I'm still quite shaken up.  There is so much damage to our school that we don't have school today and probably will be out for a while.  Luckily, though, all of our students made it out safely.

I'm taking today to decompress and wind down.  I also am taking this as a reminder for how blessed and grateful I am for my life and all of the wonderful people and things in it.

On a lighter note, Bryce and I are going to Luke Bryan tonight and I can't wait!  I'll leave you with some of my favorite songs of his.

Have you ever experienced an earthquake?

Do you like Luke Bryan?

Have a great day!


Tick Tock!

Hello readers!

My days have been tick-tocking away lately!  My life has been so jam-packed full, but I am by far the happiest I have ever been.  In the whirlwind that is my life these days, my watch is crucial.

I used to never wear a watch and therefore didn't see the point in buying an expensive one.  About two years ago I found a super cute one at Stein Mart for $10 and have worn the heck out of it.

See watch above!
ARS & Allie

I still love my watch, but it is starting to show it's wear.  I have decided I may be putting a nice watch on my birthday or Christmas list.  I have always loved the Michael Kors styles and below are some of my favorites:


And now for my two favorites...

I always have wanted this one, but recently have been having a change of heart..

This my friends, I think is the one!
I love the unique, different look of the horn mixed with the timeless elegance of the design.

Are you a watch person?  What is your favorite brand?


Semi-Relaxing Weekend

Happy Monday!

Isn't it funny how even when you plan to have a laid back, relaxing weekened, it somehow ends up more jam-packed than you expected?

That was this weekend for me.  Friday night I had some much needed girl time with ALG.  We had a DELICIOUS dinner at Ginger, a Thai restaurant in Carytown.  Then we met up with some other friends and did a little bar hopping. 

Allie & ALG

Bryce and his friend were hoping to meet up with us out, but our plans didn't sync, so instead I had ALG drop me off at his house on our way home.  That was mistake #1 in my relaxing weekend, though it was worth it to get some time with him.

Saturday was spent cleaning out my closet.  I rediscovered some old clothes I had long forgotten about and am excited to re-introduce them into my wardrobe.  Then that night, my parents and I had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.  I had only been once before (years ago) and hadn't really liked it, but we were all in the mood for pizza and wanted to try something different--our meals were all delicious!  We got Chicken Dumplings as an appetizer which would have satisfied me as a meal.  For dinner, my dad got Jambalaya, my mom got a Greek pizza, and I created my own pizza with chicken, pepperoni, garlic and basil!  After that was mistake #2--I had planned to just stay home for the night and go to bed early, but guess where I ended up?!?...Bryce's!

Finally, Sunday, I had an important meeting.  I can't wait to share more details with all of you, but for now all I have to say is that I am working as a member of a team to start a non-profit!  Once we've managed to get some more loose ends tied up, I will be revealing the organization to all of you!  Sadly, the meeting lasted much later than I anticipated which left me up late writing lesson plans--I start a Social Studies unit with my class today!

I had a blast this weekend, but now know that I have to get some sleep this week, otherwise I might crash and burn!

How was your weekend?


Barenaked Ladies

Happy Friday readers!

My first week of school has been incredible, but I am so worn out!  A much needed weekend of relaxation is on the way!

To semi-kick off the weekend, Bryce and I went to Innsbrook After Hours last night.  Innsbrook is an area in the West End of Richmond with lots of office buildings and restaurants.  Every summer they host "Innsbrook After Hours" which is a series of great concerts at very affordable prices.  Last night's concert was Barenaked Ladies.

Because I had a faculty meeting, Bryce decided to take dinner into his own hands.  He made me a delicious spaghetti dinner made with tomatoes grown at his family's river house.


Then we headed out to Innsbrook...

this was the best my camera could do..

Bryce LOVED that they were giving out free Solo-cup-sized koozies:

Isn't he a good model?

I LOVED that we got to have funnel cake...

Is your mouth watering?

All in all, it was the perfect night for an outdoor concert!

Have you been to any fun concerts this summer?

Have a great weekend!