Photo Shoot with the Cuties

Hello readers!

I am glad to say that it is Thursday and the weekend is fast approaching!  Tonight is Open House at my school so I will finally get to meet some of my students!

As most of y'all know, I've babysat for the Cuties for the last 5 years, however I have only watched them full time in the summer for 3 years.  Our first year we had a photo shoot in my backyard our last week together and it has sort of become a tradition.  It is fun to look at the pictures each year and see how they've grown.

They were still babies back then!  


And now for this year's photo shoot!  After looking at the pictures I'm realizing my Cuties are definitely not babies anymore--they're almost as tall as me!

Gorgeous photo...but really--can't they go back to being little?

I allow them silly pictures every few to lighten the mood!

The lighting was off in a few of these but I still think they're cute!

Cutie A and me--she's my little "mini me"

my little buddy

And now, these are my FAVORITE!!

Their mom has made this the background on her computer!

It hasn't even been a week and I am missing them SO much!

A little off center (Cutie B took it), but I still like it!

And finally..Cutie B INSISTED I take a picture of their feet, haha!

Which is your favorite?  

Have a great day!