Calling All Guest Bloggers!

Happy Monday friends!

Did y'all have good weekends?

I certainly did!  Saturday afternoon Bryce came home from the beach.  He got me some DELICIOUS fudge from The Fudgery.

That evening we headed to a going-away party for one of Bryce's close family friends.  This party would have been perfect blog material, but since I didn't really know anyone there I would have felt weird snapping pictures all over the place.  To give you an idea, though, it was at a 7th generation farmhouse built in the 1800s on the most gorgeous land.  The party was outdoors near a fabulous red barn--they had a bluegrass band, barbecue for dinner, and even mason jars to drink from!  All 4 of Bryce's parents (mom, dad, step-mom, step-dad) were in attendance and I loved them all!  They all were so warm and seemed really excited to meet me, greeting me with instant hugs.

Yesterday, we celebrated my dad's 52nd birthday and a post with more about that will be coming later this week!

Finally, today, is my first day of student teaching.  School doesn't actually start until next Monday but teacher work week is in full force!

Because I've had such a hard time keeping up with the blog this summer, I thought it might be smart to line up some guest posters to have every now and then during student teaching which is likely to be even more hectic than the summer.  I'm not sure how many of you I'll need, and I also may stagger you throughout the next few months, however, I wanted to poll for interest.  I intend to keep posting as much as possible, but know that it might be nice to have one guest post every week or two!

If you'd be interested in guest posting, please let me know in a comment or by shooting me an email at sundressesandsmiles@gmail.com.