Semi-Relaxing Weekend

Happy Monday!

Isn't it funny how even when you plan to have a laid back, relaxing weekened, it somehow ends up more jam-packed than you expected?

That was this weekend for me.  Friday night I had some much needed girl time with ALG.  We had a DELICIOUS dinner at Ginger, a Thai restaurant in Carytown.  Then we met up with some other friends and did a little bar hopping. 

Allie & ALG

Bryce and his friend were hoping to meet up with us out, but our plans didn't sync, so instead I had ALG drop me off at his house on our way home.  That was mistake #1 in my relaxing weekend, though it was worth it to get some time with him.

Saturday was spent cleaning out my closet.  I rediscovered some old clothes I had long forgotten about and am excited to re-introduce them into my wardrobe.  Then that night, my parents and I had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.  I had only been once before (years ago) and hadn't really liked it, but we were all in the mood for pizza and wanted to try something different--our meals were all delicious!  We got Chicken Dumplings as an appetizer which would have satisfied me as a meal.  For dinner, my dad got Jambalaya, my mom got a Greek pizza, and I created my own pizza with chicken, pepperoni, garlic and basil!  After that was mistake #2--I had planned to just stay home for the night and go to bed early, but guess where I ended up?!?...Bryce's!

Finally, Sunday, I had an important meeting.  I can't wait to share more details with all of you, but for now all I have to say is that I am working as a member of a team to start a non-profit!  Once we've managed to get some more loose ends tied up, I will be revealing the organization to all of you!  Sadly, the meeting lasted much later than I anticipated which left me up late writing lesson plans--I start a Social Studies unit with my class today!

I had a blast this weekend, but now know that I have to get some sleep this week, otherwise I might crash and burn!

How was your weekend?