Five on Friday

Happy Friday readers!

Can you believe May is practically here!?

I hate that April has been a bit of a slow blogging month for me. I am ready for and have high hopes for May!

Today I'm sharing 5 random tidbits for the Five on Friday.

The Tory Burch Spring Event is here!!!!

My patience has finally paid off...Tory Burch's big spring sale is here! She is offering up to 30% just about everything with code BLOOM. I've known that she usually hosts this sale in April, and often launches it on a Thursday so I have been monitoring my inbox like a hawk! Yesterday my dreams came true and I was finally able to order the much coveted Lexington Wedge! They've already are shipped and are due to arrive on Monday...I can't wait!

And if I wasn't on a budget, I would certainly splurge on more items during the sale. Like these...

and these...

I'm not always a biggest fan of Tory clothing, but she's killing it this season, right? And if I had my bikini bod in shape, I'd be splurging on some swimwear; like these...

And I of course, always swoon over her handbags. Like these...

Have you shopped the sale yet? What did you score?


I can't believe that this time next week, the Southern C Summit and my trip to Charleston will be wrapping up. I don't know what I'm most excited for...the amazing swag bag; drool-worthy welcome brunch; poolside yoga; or books, bites, and sips, just to name a few! Be sure you follow along on Instagram to join me in Summit adventures!

Chicken Balti Al Fresco

Those that follow on Instagram saw that last night Bryce and I had the first al fresco meal on our patio for the season! It was a gorgeous night and a real treat after Bryce's travels earlier in the week. What made it even better was that Bryce took all the initiative on dinner...he meal planned, shopped, and cooked. I was in heaven! We tried a new recipe Bryce had seen on the show Mind of a Chef and it did not disappoint. You can find the Chicken Balti recipe here.

La Croix Cocktails...yes, please!

I've shared my love of La Croix, particularly coconut on social media before. Those of you that follow along on Facebook particularly liked this link that I shared. That being said, I figured I'd share on here, as well: "9 Cocktails Made with LaCroix, a Sparkling Water with a Cult Following." One of my go-tos at home, is simply Coconut La Croix with a lime wedge (or two!) and vodka!

Seeking Dry Shampoo Recs!

Cracking up over this eCard right now! I got my hair done early last week and talked to my hair dresser a lot about the appropriate frequency for washing hair. I have fine hair that tends to get oily pretty fast and never quite understood how people could go days between washes. She explained that it's really about training your scalp for less washes. When you shampoo every day, it dries your scalp out, and in turn you produce more oil. I'm on week two of washing my hair every 2-3 days and it's going okay so far. I use baby powder as dry shampoo as necessary, but am thinking I may  need something better, particularly for day 3. Any recommendations?

What's been on your mind lately?

Have a great weekend!


Little White Dresses

A sleepy Monday over here, my friends!

Every so often I battle insomnia and last night happened to be one of those nights. I am literally running on fumes today as I got less than 2 hours sleep last night...not a good way to start the week!

This weekend Anna, my best friend from UVA, came into town. She is getting married in September and was in town from New York City to attend to wedding tasks, but she set aside some time for me on Friday night. Prior to her moving up north, we saw each other every few months, and now we're lucky to get in one or maybe two good, long visits a year. That being said, time with her is cherished! I picked her up from the airport on Friday night and we headed to a local favorite, Stella's. We were the last ones to leave the restaurant and then made our way to her brother's where she was staying. We opened a bottle of wine and parked ourselves on his porch swing, talking into the wee hours of the night. I came home so happy and relaxed from my visit with her.

During our conversation, she gave me the task of helping her to find a rehearsal dinner dress. I've never been known to turn down shopping and got right to it!

 A little white dress is a staple in every Southern lady's closet. And regardless of whether you're a bride or not, it's so fun to pull out crisp, white dresses this time of year, so I decided to share my finds with you.

Anna's rehearsal dinner will be at a rustic location on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. She is giving her fiance, Charlie, the reins in terms of choosing a menu for the night. It's looking like a good old fashioned Southern barbecue might be in the cards. That being said, I immediately knew an easy sundress would be in order for this laid back night.

(Anna, this dress screams you!)

(this is my personal favorite!)

Do you own a little white dress?

Have a great day!


Spring Wish List: Wants

Happy Thursday friends!

This week has been a doozy! To say I am ready for Friday would be an understatement.

Today I am rounding out my Spring Wish List, by sharing the fashion items that I want. You can read about my Spring needs here.

New Lilly

I always like to pick up a few new Lilly pieces this time of year, and especially have my eye on the Gretch Skort Romper above! I have 2 other Lilly rompers and live in them all summer, so I think this would be a great addition to my closet! I also think both the Iona Lace Shell and the Bailey Sleeveless Top would be great for work and play; and I can never get enough of my favorite shorts, the Callahans.

Mint Jeans

I have a pair of coral J. Brand jeans (similar) that I bought last summer and live in! I think colored denim is so fun and want to add a pair of mint jeans to my collection next. I saw these at Nordstrom recently and really liked them! Not to mention they're available in 9 different colors to fill all your colored denim desires!

Slim Crossbody Bag

I have 2 crossbody bags currently, but both are on the larger side. With summertime coming, I know I'm going to want to be "hands free" at upcoming events, and want a crossbody bag that isn't bulky. At the top of my list is the Gigi NY Chelsea Crossbody in Poppy! I love that the strap can also be removed and it can be carried as a clutch! 

So there you have it, the top 3 items on my spring wish list that are purely wants. I can't guarantee that this list won't expand...particularly when I'm in Charleston in just two weeks! I'm sure I'll be seeing wants around every corner!

What's on your current wish list?

Have a great day!


Five on...Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday readers!

I hope this email finds you well.

We had a nice, low-key weekend! Bryce is preparing to take the Professional Engineer's exam this Friday, so it's crunch time for him. He spent a lot of time studying, which gave me some much needed down time.

With the start of my new boss last week, things were a bit hectic and I never got around to posting my Five on Friday. That being said, I've decided to post a Five on TUESDAY here for ya today!


How stinkin' cute is this pineapple handprint craft that popped up on my Pinterest feed? If I was still teaching, I would definitely find an excuse for my kinders to make this before summer; and also think it could be adorable framed as home decor! Mother's Day IS right around the corner! I am definitely going to file this idea in my brain to do with babes of my own some day!


Have you ever gone in search of a more affordable beauty product only to wind up falling for something even more pricey than what you originally used? Well, ladies, that just happened to me. For almost two years, I used this Kiehl's Line Reducing Concentrate under my Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream, however it's a bit pricey in my opinion. When I last ran out, a few months ago, I decided to not replace it and see how my skin reacted. I've just been using the Ultra Facial Cream, which I absolutely love, but have noticed lately that my skin hasn't been quite as smooth and even. So I wound up on Nordstrom's website last week, searching for an anti-aging product with rave reviews that wouldn't break the bank (By the way, did you know you can search by "Skin Concern!?" How cool!)  I bet you can guess what happened next. I found this Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate...and it's nearly double what the Kiehl's concentrate cost. BUT, how could I resist when it has a 4.8/5 star rating based on 454 reviews!!! Surely I must have found the fountain of youth! It arrived Friday and I've been using it under my Ultra Facial Cream since then and already can notice that my skin is a bit smoother to the touch. It also has more of a liquid/gel consistency and you only use one drop when applying, so I am thinking it will last far longer than the Kiehl's which is more of a lotion. I will be sure to report back after I've been using it longer. I also was in the market for new eye cream, and wound up with the Lancome Progres Eye Creme, which also has rave reviews. My mom used Lancome products for years. Have any of y'all had a good experience with their skincare line?

Summer Salads

I read on Emily's blog last week that one of her April goals is to eat a salad for dinner at least once a week. I loved this idea! It seems so simple, but is a great way to cut some calories during the week. Now that warmer weather is mostly here, I tend to enjoy eating light more, rather than craving hearty, warm comfort food as in the winter months. I think we're going to adopt her goal as our own, and I think this 30 Summer Salads list will provide great inspiration.


How adorable is this pom pom clutch? I've been eyeing it for weeks now and don't know why I haven't taken the plunge...especially considering it's only $40! I can just imagine pairing it with white jeans and sky high wedges while sipping pina coladas by the beach!


And last, but not least, I wanted to share a new blog with you! My friend Meg (who, funny story, I met because she was a blog follower and reached out to help me network during my job search) recently started her very own blog with a girlfriend called Let's Share a Dish....and she's rocking it! Richmond readers especially should check it out, as the main focus is Richmond eats! Since I started following along, my list of restaurants to try is constantly expanding. For example, I am dying to do a picnic dinner one night soon, and I learned in this post that the local Garnett's Cafe will pack your take out order in a picnic basket, upon request! Spring bucket list item!? I think so! They also are mixing in some travel and lifestyle posts, though too, so anyone would enjoy it! Go check out their blog and let them know I sent ya!

What's been on your radar lately?

Have a great day!


Alexandra Bee's Best Recipes

Happy Hump Day readers!

I don't know about y'all, but I am ready for the weekend! This week has been going by quickly so far, and I have my fingers crossed that the next few days fly by!

I realized when planning out posts for the week, that I haven't posted a recipe in quite some time.

To be honest, we just haven't really been cooking anything new lately. Since the weather's been warmer, we've been going on bike rides and walks frequently in the evenings and then just thrown something quick and easy on the grill as the sun sets. Bryce has also been traveling a lot and our social calendar has been packed, so that hasn't left a lot of time for routine cooking.

That being said, I thought it might be a good time to re-share some of my favorite recipes from the last 5 years this blog has been in existence! These are the cream of the crop, top picks, friends!


Hash Brown Quiche (my absolute favorite homemade brunch)
Banana Bread (a favorite of both Bryce and my dad)
Top Secret Pound Cake  (the funniest recipe from an old co-worker of Bryce)


Pimiento Cheese Ham Biscuits (this just might be THE best recipe I've ever posted)
Mac & Cheese Cups (always a crowd pleaser)
BLT Bites (oh so simple and easy, but also oh so good)
Easy Cornbread (for those of you that prefer a sweet cornbread)


Pesto Corn Pizza with Crispy Prosciutto (perfect in the summertime)
Chicken Cordon Bleu Roll-Ups (one of my go-tos)
Tortellini Soup (ultimate winter comfort food)
Spicy Sausage Soup (perfect for the fall)


World's Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookies (when I say world's greatest, I'm not exaggerating)
Cookie Dough Rice Krispies (the dessert my friends request the most)
Chocolate Chess Pie (my very favorite pie)
Red Velvet Brownies (perfect for Christmastime)
Nana's Peach Cobbler (are peaches in season yet!?)
Patriotic Popcorn (my go-to for parties and trips)

So there you have it! A round-up of my top recipes. You can always see all of the recipes I've posted by selecting the "RECIPES" tab at the top of my page.

Have you ever tried any of my recipes?

Have a great day!


Weekend Recap

Happy Monday readers!

Did y'all have a nice weekend?

Ours was great and I'm happy to share it with you today.

Once the weather warms up, I find that the weekends go by so much faster because we spend more time out and about rather than cooped up inside.

My weekend kicked off with an April Fool's Day Tea Party and Luncheon that my mom hosted for my grandmother. My aunts and cousin Margeaux were there. I couldn't stay as long as everyone else, because I had to get back to work, but it was nice to get some family time in!

After work I headed home and Bryce and I chilled for a little bit. We started watching Call the Midwife on Thursday night at the recommendation of a few coworkers and are hooked. We sipped on a beer and enjoyed an episode. On a side note, I mentioned on Instagram Bryce is thrilled to be drinking beer with me these days. I am not a beer fan, but have discovered that I love sour beers! My favorite so far is Duchesse De Bourgogne.

After an episode, we got ourselves in gear and headed to a nearby restaurant Postbellum for dinner. They have a rooftop bar and the weather was too gorgeous to not be outside. I ordered the Romaine Salad that was topped with crispy brussel sprouts, fingerling potatoes, and nuts. It was delicious! Bryce got the Cabot Cheddar Burger which was equally good! We weren't too far from Shyndigz, a dessert bar I've been dying to try. When it first opened it was walking distance from our house, but we never got around to visiting. Being so close by on Friday  night, I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass by. That being said, we were still too full to think about dessert, so we decided to do a little bar hopping. We walked to nearby Rancho T and sipped on a cocktail there. I feel like I am constantly saying this, but we have been going, going, going lately so it was so nice to have some quality time and conversation just the two of us on Friday  night! After Rancho T we made our way toward Shyndigz which is on the same block as the cool new hot spot, District 5. We pretty much never "go out" anymore, but I still wanted to check it out. It was only about 9:30, so we were able to get 2 spots right at the swanky bar. I got the Peach & Razz Margarita. The bartender warned me that it was sweet and she was not lying! It was very good, but took me a while to drink!

After District 5, we finally made our way to Shyndigz and it did not disappoint! We ordered the chocolate peanut butter cake and the key lime pie. They were both amazingly delicious, not to mention huge. Needless, to say I felt a little jittery on the ride home. Definitely had a sugar high!

Saturday morning we slept in and then I headed to my cousin's bridal shower. I wore this dress that arrived on the doorstep just in the nick of time Saturday morning. It is currently 40% off with code TICKTOCK and is a great piece that can be worn for work or play!

This necklace that my cousin Margeaux gave me as a surprise "surcie" paired with it perfectly!

I was charged with the task of making her ribbon bouquet!

I finished the bouquet when I got home with the help of scissors and glue! My mom had the great idea of incorporating these paper flowers that were used as decor and cupcake toppers at the shower and I thought they aded the perfect finishing touch.

Bryce was fishing with friends when I got home, so I had made plans with my friend Amanda. We went for a walk through the neighborhood and to a nearby Starbucks. It was a nice chance to get some exercise and girl time in one! That evening we headed to a friends for dinner. It was organized by Bryce and some of his hunting buddies and I have enjoyed getting to know their wives better over the last few months. We had an amazing steak dinner and even better company!

Sunday we went to brunch and the grocery store before getting the house ready for my Ronald McDonald House Red Shoe Crew meeting. The 2nd annual Red Shoe BBQ is coming up soon on April 29 so this was our last meeting together before the event. Richmond friends, you can get your tickets here!

I kept things simple, putting out roasted garlic and tomato basil hummus, pimiento cheese, salami, and marcona almonds. The store didn't seem to carry my normal pita chips, so I got these instead and they were really good!

The weather was pretty enough to open up the French doors and it was so nice to have the fresh air in the house! When Bryce came home, we sat at the table and munched on the spread. I have a feeling we'll be opening these doors up a lot more frequently in the coming months!

I also couldn't resist snapping a few pics of the flowers blooming in our front yard. Everything has really come alive! Next to bloom will be our irises and then it's peony and hydrangea time! I can't wait!

Finally, last night we watched a little more of Call the Midwife and went to bed early. 

What did you do this weekend?

Have a great day!