Weekend Recap

Happy Monday readers!

Did y'all have a nice weekend?

Ours was great and I'm happy to share it with you today.

Once the weather warms up, I find that the weekends go by so much faster because we spend more time out and about rather than cooped up inside.

My weekend kicked off with an April Fool's Day Tea Party and Luncheon that my mom hosted for my grandmother. My aunts and cousin Margeaux were there. I couldn't stay as long as everyone else, because I had to get back to work, but it was nice to get some family time in!

After work I headed home and Bryce and I chilled for a little bit. We started watching Call the Midwife on Thursday night at the recommendation of a few coworkers and are hooked. We sipped on a beer and enjoyed an episode. On a side note, I mentioned on Instagram Bryce is thrilled to be drinking beer with me these days. I am not a beer fan, but have discovered that I love sour beers! My favorite so far is Duchesse De Bourgogne.

After an episode, we got ourselves in gear and headed to a nearby restaurant Postbellum for dinner. They have a rooftop bar and the weather was too gorgeous to not be outside. I ordered the Romaine Salad that was topped with crispy brussel sprouts, fingerling potatoes, and nuts. It was delicious! Bryce got the Cabot Cheddar Burger which was equally good! We weren't too far from Shyndigz, a dessert bar I've been dying to try. When it first opened it was walking distance from our house, but we never got around to visiting. Being so close by on Friday  night, I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass by. That being said, we were still too full to think about dessert, so we decided to do a little bar hopping. We walked to nearby Rancho T and sipped on a cocktail there. I feel like I am constantly saying this, but we have been going, going, going lately so it was so nice to have some quality time and conversation just the two of us on Friday  night! After Rancho T we made our way toward Shyndigz which is on the same block as the cool new hot spot, District 5. We pretty much never "go out" anymore, but I still wanted to check it out. It was only about 9:30, so we were able to get 2 spots right at the swanky bar. I got the Peach & Razz Margarita. The bartender warned me that it was sweet and she was not lying! It was very good, but took me a while to drink!

After District 5, we finally made our way to Shyndigz and it did not disappoint! We ordered the chocolate peanut butter cake and the key lime pie. They were both amazingly delicious, not to mention huge. Needless, to say I felt a little jittery on the ride home. Definitely had a sugar high!

Saturday morning we slept in and then I headed to my cousin's bridal shower. I wore this dress that arrived on the doorstep just in the nick of time Saturday morning. It is currently 40% off with code TICKTOCK and is a great piece that can be worn for work or play!

This necklace that my cousin Margeaux gave me as a surprise "surcie" paired with it perfectly!

I was charged with the task of making her ribbon bouquet!

I finished the bouquet when I got home with the help of scissors and glue! My mom had the great idea of incorporating these paper flowers that were used as decor and cupcake toppers at the shower and I thought they aded the perfect finishing touch.

Bryce was fishing with friends when I got home, so I had made plans with my friend Amanda. We went for a walk through the neighborhood and to a nearby Starbucks. It was a nice chance to get some exercise and girl time in one! That evening we headed to a friends for dinner. It was organized by Bryce and some of his hunting buddies and I have enjoyed getting to know their wives better over the last few months. We had an amazing steak dinner and even better company!

Sunday we went to brunch and the grocery store before getting the house ready for my Ronald McDonald House Red Shoe Crew meeting. The 2nd annual Red Shoe BBQ is coming up soon on April 29 so this was our last meeting together before the event. Richmond friends, you can get your tickets here!

I kept things simple, putting out roasted garlic and tomato basil hummus, pimiento cheese, salami, and marcona almonds. The store didn't seem to carry my normal pita chips, so I got these instead and they were really good!

The weather was pretty enough to open up the French doors and it was so nice to have the fresh air in the house! When Bryce came home, we sat at the table and munched on the spread. I have a feeling we'll be opening these doors up a lot more frequently in the coming months!

I also couldn't resist snapping a few pics of the flowers blooming in our front yard. Everything has really come alive! Next to bloom will be our irises and then it's peony and hydrangea time! I can't wait!

Finally, last night we watched a little more of Call the Midwife and went to bed early. 

What did you do this weekend?

Have a great day!


  1. What a fun weekend! I love how it all started with the tea party! So cute!

  2. What a great weekend! I love tomato basil hummus, it's the best!Jess at Just Jess

  3. My mom and I used to love having a tea party for her friends and my friends in the summer; it's such a fond memory of mine. My sister-in-law just suggested Call The Midwive! I love your dress by the way:)

  4. Looks like you had a super fun weekend! Love all the pretty flowers you have blooming!

  5. Fun weekend! Your drinks and food look so delicious! I can't wait for warm weekends here, it was 40 and raining here all weekend!

  6. Looks like a great weekend!!! That cake ... mmmmm!!!!

  7. What an awesome weekend!! The April Fools Tea looks like so much fun, and I'm always in charge of making the ribbon bouquets, too :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  8. Love your french doors! You put together such a beautiful spread! The bridal shower looks like fun too and you did a great job with the bouquet and your dress is perfect for the occasion! It sounds like a busy but fun weekend!

  9. So funny you say "surcie" for a gift. My friend B is the only one I have ever heard say that before!

  10. I love sour beers, too-they remind me more of a cocktail!

  11. Such a great weekend - the tea party sounds like the cutest idea and I love your spread for your meeting. My mom's actually from Richmond and we haven't been back in a few years but I spent so much time down there growing up going back to visit and such. Love all those spring blooms too!

  12. Your weekend sounds amazing. Love that your family has a tea party (so Downton Abbey). We are hoping to add French doors to our dining room so we can open it up like yours (right now it's just a window). And I loooove your dress!! It's such a fun print.

  13. Sounds like a great weekend! I looove Call the Midwife! Women-centered BBC period dramas are my drug.

  14. What a lovely weekend! Love that you had a tea party! That dress and necklace combo is super fab! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  15. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I think Postbellum was where I went with some friends last spring when I was in town for my bridal shower- it was so neat with the rooftop patio! I love the tulips blooming in your yard, I need to plant some pretty flowers this spring!

    xo Heather
    Sweet Tea Jubilee

  16. That necklace that your cousin gave you is stunning! And Im so jealous of all the pretty flowers that are blooming where you are. We still have a ton of snow on the ground. Waaaaah.
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  17. You're yard is looking beautiful! I think this is the best time of year. And that chocolate cake. mmmm!! Glad to see you had a good weekend.

  18. I LOVE Call the Midwife, but it always makes me cry and my husband cannot handle the drama and deliveries. So impressed Bryce watches it with you!

  19. It sounds like you had such a fantastic weekend! All of the food y'all ate on Friday night sounds fantastic, and your necklace pairs beautifully with your new dress.

  20. What a perfect weekend! I'm so jealous of your Friday night! I miss just restaurant and bar hoping around Richmond sans little one (& paying a sitter). Oh and that cake, so darn good!

    Erin, Attention to Darling


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