Holiday Gift Guide: Ladies

Happy BLACK Friday friends!

In honor of this shopping day and the approaching holidays, I thought I'd share my holiday gift picks with you!  

Today I'll start with the ladies' edition and be back next week for the gents!

The girly girl is all about glam!

Why not put together a themed girls' night in present for your bff?

For the friend who always knows how to make a house a home...

Kiss the Cook they say...be sure to spoil the chef in your life- I guarantee your tummy will be happy you did!

Because everything is cuter in mini-size!

So there you have it...happy shopping!

What's on your holiday wishlist?

What special ladies are you shopping for?

Have a great weekend!


White Faux Taxidermy

Happy Friday friends!

Fun weekend plans?

Not too much going on here this weekend, but I'm happy to have some time to just relax.  I already have a feeling I'll stay in my pajamas through the afternoon curled up with my book tomorrow...

Sorry that the House Tour posts have been at a standstill.  I hope to take pics of our bedroom this weekend, but many of the other rooms still need some finishing touches before their big blog reveal.

One of those rooms is the sun room.  Bryce has given me free reign on the sun room as my ultra girlie room and one of the things I think I might want for the space is some form of faux taxidermy.  I've searched online a bit and found the best Etsy store with any and all faux taxidermy you could imagine (even dinosaurs!):  White Faux Taxidermy.

Take a look at some of their fun pieces...

If you're gonna go faux, I say...go faux!  Pink?  Gold glitter?  
Yes, please!

Is it just me...or is this just totally chic and swanky?

Loving the turquoise!

This guy just makes me smile!

This is the one I think I want!

Can you tell I have a thing for gold?  I think these would be so fun in a child's playroom!

Are you a fan of the faux taxidermy trend?

Which would you choose?

On a funny side note, while we were in Easton, Maryland last weekend, I saw an actual zebra head in one of the local antique stores.  It was very cool, but slightly creepy and HUGE!  Despite seeing countless zebras at the zoo, I never realized quite how large their heads are!

How crazy is he!?

Have a great weekend!


Loving...Duck Hunter's Edition

Happy Friday friends!

Since I am currently spending the weekend at the Waterfowl Festival, I thought it was only appropriate to make this week's "Loving..." post focused on duck hunters.

Oh..my...goodness- for those of you who don't know Bryce, he LOVES ducks!  He has grown up hunting and also enjoys collecting decoys.  I'm willing to bet that every room in our house probably has a duck in it somewhere...no joke!

So, that being said, today's post is dedicated to him!

Here goes...QUACK!

Bryce loves to mix a little bourbon into his hot tea when going out on early morning hunts and this is just the flask to carry that bourbon!

Smathers and Branson is so on point with this collar for your favorite bird dog!

These Le Chameau boots are perfect for any man that spends lots of his time in the marsh or field!
Bryce especially loves the neoprene liner in his.

A shotgun shell tuxedo set will ensure your sportsman looks dapper at all formal occasions!

I featured Bryce's set, seen above, in the Be Mine Ball post nearly 2 years ago!

Southern Marsh offers a great selection of teeshirts and I especially like this one!

And finally, a good vest is crucial for any duck hunter!

And just for fun, I'll end with an e-Card...

Are your or is the man in your life a duck hunter?

Have a great weekend!


Pumpkin Carving Party

TGIWF!!  "What does that mean?" you say?  Thank Goodness It's Waterfowl Festival!  I am so excited to be en route to the Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland and enjoy a bit of a mini-vacay!

Today I'd like to share a Pumpkin Carving Party we had a few weekends ago.

The weather was perfect and time with good friends was fabulous.

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking in this post..

The spread included: Ham Biscuits, Pimiento Cheese, Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes, Butternut Squash Soup, and of course spirits:  Pumpkin Ale & Hard Cider!

My good friend owns The Cupcakery of Richmond and her pumpkin spice cupcakes were to die for!

I loved picking out pumpkins and gourds for the tablescape during our field trip to Ashland Berry Farm earlier that week!

I used this pimiento cheese recipe and it is a new favorite!

Lilly was the most popular guest!

The ladies lounged by the fire while the men worked hard carving...

Soup Break!


Extracting pumpkin seeds for roasting is hard work!

Time spent by the fire was the perfect end to the evening.

Have you been to any fall parties or celebrations?

Have a great day!


Loving...SLACKER Edition

Happy Friday friends!

It's been a fun week, but super busy!

I'm sorry that I don't have a post for you, but here's a little something I'm loving today!

This week the laundry hasn't even made it into the washer!

Sorry I've been a blogging slacker...be back next week with some fun posts!