Valentine's Radar: Rory Beca

A big TGIF over here today chicas!

I feel silly complaining as Monday was a teacher workday and Tuesday was a snow day, but somehow, despite the short week, this one has been a doozy! I am ready for a respite this weekend!

Can y'all believe that Valentine's Day is just two weeks from tomorrow?

Bryce and I always stay at home on Valentine's Day and put extra care into cooking a decadent meal together. Even though we stay home, that doesn't mean that I don't also put extra care into what I'm wearing, too!

When it comes to this year's Valentine's Day outfit, Rory Beca is majorly on my radar! I have been smitten with this dress since a friend's local shop Traveling Chic Boutique posted it on their Instagram!

I mean...it is beyond perfect for Valentine's Day! Kissy red lips!? Yes, please!

Her perfect Valentine's Day dresses don't stop there, though! I am thinking all of these dresses would have Cupid swooning:

I am also majorly loving this top in the same lipstick print! I think it would be fab with this edgy version of my all time favorite pant, the Pixie pant, and these heels!

And you guessed it, she has even more tops that would be oh so perfect for Heart Day, too!

So now, what is a girl to do? Go for the dress or top? Go for holiday inspired lips or a more neutral, yet still bold bright?

Tell me your thoughts!

What is your Valentine's Day tradition?

Any idea what you'll be wearing?

Have you ever shopped Rory Beca before?

Have a great weekend!



Happy Hump Day readers!

A teacher workday on Monday and a snow day yesterday is making for a short week at school!

During my snow day yesterday, I had a little bit of time to catch up on some blogs and while reading MCW's "Currently" post, I decided I would steal her idea!

I technically wrote this post last night, so "Currently" may not be completely accurate, but just go with it!

Eating...chocolate chips. I set out to do a 20 day sugar cleanse starting January 10th and failed! I did go a whole week with no sugar or alcohol, though. Since then my cravings have been way lower, so I am counting the modified (ha) 7 day sugar cleanse as a success!

Wearing...this pajama shirt (currently on sale for more than 50% off)! My cousin Callee got it for me for Christmas and I am completely in love with it!

Needing...lotion! I have noticed in the last week or so that my skin has gotten so dry from the winter temperatures! I need to do a better job of using lotion daily! Any good body lotion recommendations for me? I really like Aveeno Baby lotion, but am open to trying something new!

Wanting...this cape, still, and a decent snow storm! Last winter we got snow several times, but never really enough to play in and enjoy! This year we've gotten even less so far and I'd really like just one snow storm that would bring several inches of fluffy white snow!

Hearing...the laundry buzzer! In the last few days I have done probably close to 10 loads of laundry and now am dreading having to put it all away!

Watching...Hart of Dixie on Netflix! I watched this show when it first came out and enjoyed it, but lost track over time. Now I am loving getting caught back up! Bryce has had work dinners the last few nights, so it has been the perfect show to watch all by myself.

Thinking...a lot about other career options. Have any of my readers made a career switch from teaching to something different? I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology in addition to my Masters of Teaching so I am hoping that opens up options for me, if I do decide to make a career change. Any tips for me? I will have to do a teaching update post soon...

Laughing...over the state of my nails. I got them done on New Year's Eve and they look so terrible it is embarrassing! I wish it were easier to remove gel at home! Luckily I am getting them done on Thursday evening.

Thankful...for Bryce. I have been so, so thankful for him lately! 2015 has brought nothing but happiness (dare I say, bliss!?) for us so far and I am so proud of the relationship we have worked so hard to build.

What are you currently up to?

Have a great day!


Palm Beach/Jupiter Getaway

Happy Monday readers!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Today I am excited to finally be recapping our November getaway to Palm Beach & Jupiter, Florida!

When we received the Save the Date for Bryce's cousin Miller's wedding at the Jupiter Lighthouse last spring, we knew that we had to make a mini-vacay out of the weekend!

We took Thursday and Friday off and our flight arrived in West Palm by lunchtime. The day we left, a major cold front came to Richmond, so were quite glad to be in The Sunshine State!

We headed straight to Worth Avenue for lunch and shopping.

We ate at Ta-boo, per the suggestion of blogger The Portuguese Prepster. Having been open since the 1940s, Ta-boo was definitely very classic, old Palm Beach!

We spent the rest of the afternoon strolling Worth Avenue, doing more window shopping than actual shopping...

Among my favorites were Roberta Roller Rabbit (where I did purchase an adorable orange tassel necklace I barely took off the rest of the weekend) and Mary Mahoney.

Roberta Roller Rabbit

Mary Mahoney

Bryce and I both ogled over this fabulous Herend Dragon.
Like I said: window shopping!

All along Worth Avenue were little details like this "Dog Bar."

I also, of course, couldn't resist stopping in the Tory Burch store!

I was beyond thrilled that they had these mocassins!
I had been waiting for months for them to go on sale, and by the time they did, 
my size was sold out! The Palm Beach store, however, had them at the sale price in my size!

At the end of Worth Avenue you reach the beach!

After shopping we headed to nearby Jupiter, Florida to check into our hotel and kick our feet up for a bit before dinner! 

After some R&R, we  headed to Hog Snappers Snack and Sushi for dinner. It did not disappoint!

A live reggae band was playing and the restaurant had a great island feel!

The next day we spent some time in the hotel...Bryce did work and I blogged! Around lunchtime, we decided to venture out a bit for the afternoon!

Our first stop was Tequesta Brewing Company for Bryce! We had the best time and the bartender was seriously one of the most friendly people I have ever met! She spent tons of times giving us recommendations and even drew a map for us to locate the best nearby beaches!

Our next stop was The Square Grouper Tiki Bar for lunch and drinks.

The Square Grouper was right across from the Jupiter Lighthouse 
so I snapped this picture before going inside!

It was my first time having conch fritters and they did not disappoint!

And our last stop of the afternoon was Blowing Rocks Beach!

We then made our way back to the hotel to relax and get ready for the rehearsal dinner! I am disappointed that I did not snap more pictures at both the rehearsal dinner and wedding!

I did manage to snap a picture of the fabulous table! 
Live goldfish were in the centerpiece:
One table got a bit rowdy and actually ate their goldfish!

Several people headed to The Square Grouper after the dinner, but we had gotten our fix earlier in the day and just wanted to head home and to bed! The next morning we had brunch plans with Bryce's parents at Guanabanas!

The view was spectacular to say the least...

Brunch was followed by a boat ride with more family! 

 My favorite part of the ride was admiring all the yachts and mansions!

We also made a pitstop at Dive Bar for lunch. Lunch was so enjoyable that we lost track of time...all of the groom's immediate family was there...it was a close call making it to the wedding on time!

The wedding was at the Jupiter Lighthouse at sunset and was gorgeous! 

It was set amongst an amazing banyan tree. I could not get a good photo because of the glare of the sun, but did find this photo on the Random Connections Blog through a Google search:

The reception that followed was at the Jupiter Hills Club and was incredible!

The food was the best I have ever had at a wedding!

The bride was stunning!

The next day was our last, but, our flight didn't leave until 5:00 so we were able to take our time and enjoy one last brunch. We went to the Berry Fresh Cafe and it was SO good and seemed like more of a local spot, located in a strip mall! I highly recommend!

We started with the fresh blueberry fritters, which they shake up in a paper bag with cinnamon and sugar right at your table! They are served with strawberry yogurt for dipping and were deeelicious!

I had the fried green tomatoes & pimiento cheese hash 
and Bryce had the similar fried green tomatoes & pimiento cheese benedict!
If you can't tell they were over the top yummy!

With full bellies, we made one last stop at the beach visiting the Juno Beach Pier, before making our way back to West Palm for our flight!

As a side note, you may remember Bryce's other cousin's wedding from last spring (post here). That wedding is featured in February's Virginia Living Magazine on newsstands now, so local readers be sure to check it out!

Have you ever traveled to Palm Beach or Jupiter, Florida?

What have been your favorite wedding destinations or getaways?

Have a great day!