Closet Craving

Happy Tuesday readers!

I had a great weekend that was equal parts fun and relaxing!

Today I am writing about something I'm pretty sure most of you can relate to--the desire for a bigger, more luxe closet! Bryce and I share a small closet. There isn't enough room for all my clothes and I keep anything off-season at my parents and the rest in 2 dressers that we also share. It's tough. I've been tempted to spruce it up a bit by getting one of these faux sheepskins from Ikea for the floor or by looking into a small chandelier, but ultimately think it will make an already cluttered closet just feel more cramped. That being said, for now, it's just a "live with it" kinda thing.

A bigger closet, all to myself, however, will be a non-negotiable down the road. Until that day, I will daydream and ogle over gorgeous closets like these...

And last, but not least, my very favorite:

You can see it all, here.

Do you have a nice closet all to yourself or do you share?

What are you particularly craving in your home right now?

Have a great day!