Closet Craving

Happy Tuesday readers!

I had a great weekend that was equal parts fun and relaxing!

Today I am writing about something I'm pretty sure most of you can relate to--the desire for a bigger, more luxe closet! Bryce and I share a small closet. There isn't enough room for all my clothes and I keep anything off-season at my parents and the rest in 2 dressers that we also share. It's tough. I've been tempted to spruce it up a bit by getting one of these faux sheepskins from Ikea for the floor or by looking into a small chandelier, but ultimately think it will make an already cluttered closet just feel more cramped. That being said, for now, it's just a "live with it" kinda thing.

A bigger closet, all to myself, however, will be a non-negotiable down the road. Until that day, I will daydream and ogle over gorgeous closets like these...

And last, but not least, my very favorite:

You can see it all, here.

Do you have a nice closet all to yourself or do you share?

What are you particularly craving in your home right now?

Have a great day!


  1. I feel you - we share a closet in an apartment! However, I do have a very nice walk-in at my parents house that is about the size of my apartment kitchen. I seriously debated moving to New York and leaving that closet! One day!

  2. I totally understand your wish for a bigger closet! I had a big closet in college and moved to a smaller one now that I am in an apartment and I definitely miss my closet with tons of room. I was totally spoiled! I hope your daydreaming of a big closet can get you by until you can get one.

  3. I would kill for a bigger closet. Currently our closet is in our master bathroom. I'd love to knock out our big jet tub (crazy as it sounds) and expand the closet. I picture a chandelier and lots of girlie touches! :)

  4. A big walk-in closet is definitely a nonnegotiable for me down the road! I don't share a closet now, but it still doesn't hold everything.


  5. I love these!! I have my closet to myself for now and I love it! Because I rent, I can't do anything fancy to customize my closet right now. However, I can't wait to do that in my future home! I'm currently looking for art and decor to spice up my living room.

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

  6. A closet is never big enough! We share a nice-sized walk-in, but I'd love my own (of course!). We just need to knock down a wall first ;)

  7. I have the exact same issue with my closet! I'm hoping that getting a 2 bedroom this summer will help with the problem a little bit.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  8. Love all of these closets!! We have a decent sized walk in that we share but it's still not big enough for all my stuff. I have to keep all my off season stuff in storage bins in our crawl space. I always say in our next house I'm getting my big dream closet to mysefl!

  9. SO so beautiful!! I still store things at my parents and we have a walk in closet (it's small though)! We ended up buying a third dresser a few years ago but now I'm tempted to send it to my parents because our looks so busy and I want our bedroom to feel calm. I'm guessing if you go for the older house down the road, it must be a renovated one ;)

  10. Looove the inspiration photos! I finally got my dream closet in our new home (it's a full size room with a fireplace that we added a closet island too, chandelier, exposed shelves) - ah girl I could spend all day in there! The only reason we went so over the top is bc the only way to get to the master bath was to go through this room so it was a no-brainer :) That faux sheepskin is perfection by the way! Do it!

  11. I did a post on my closet yesterday too; all about maximizing your space! :) I'm big on keeping off season clothes tucked away like you. Those inspiration photos are on point, I need to work on decorating my closet like those closets!


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