Where the Heck I've Been...

Happy AUGUST 29th, my friends!

Can someone please explain to me where August went? I can't quite believe that September is just a mere 3 days away...and that my last post was exactly one month ago on July 29th.

My blogging always tends to slow down in the summertime, but I hadn't intended to take a month long hiatus.

What's been keeping me from this space, you  might ask?

Well I do have 3 pretty good excuses: I'll share a little bit of what I've been up to...


Those of you that follow along on Instagram, know that we got this little black beauty in mid-July and she has completely captured our hearts! Yes, I have become that crazy puppy mom, and I wouldn't have it any other way. She is spunky, smart, and a huge snuggle bunny! That being said, her presence also resulted in a month long running hiatus. I mean, how could you possibly expect me to run, when that time could be spent with this sweet thing? I did get back on track with my running last week. Now to get back on the barre and blogging wagon! Be on the look-out for a big Millie post coming soon....I've got a lot of photos to dump, y'all!


In addition to a long weekend in Charleston for a bachelorette party, we also spent a week in Orlando with my family. Throw in some weekend trips, and we've been on the go non-stop! Can't wait to share our Florida adventures with you! Maybe I'll make a goal to have them posted by the end of September!? 

A NEW JOB...again!

As if getting a new puppy wasn't enough excitement for one summer, I also decided to get a new job! I start today! Before jumping into talking about my new role, I must acknowledge that this move is bittersweet, as I am leaving behind an important mission, and some pretty amazing people! I was overwhelmed last week, when my coworkers presented me with the incredibly thoughtful gift pictured above. A 1940s Austrian oyster plate to add to our collection (signed on the back by all my coworkers). To top it off, I received four vintage-Richmond cards full of well-wishes, with a special board that I can use to display them as art, as well. The gift brought tears to my eyes and I will treasure it always. It's amazing the mark people can make on you in just one year! 

Now onto the new adventure: As y'all know from a slew of posts last summer, I left my teaching career about a year ago and joined the non-profit development (aka FUNdraising) space. Though I do miss working with kiddies every day, the decision to leave teaching was one of the best of my life. I have been so much happier this last year, and love that I'm still in a career where I truly know I am making a difference. At the very beginning of the summer, a friend reached out sharing a job description with a message saying "I know you aren't looking, but this position sounds perfect for you!" I hemmed and hawwed for about a week before deciding to apply. Though happy in my last position, I always knew that I would need a broader position next to make my experience more well-rounded. I hadn't intended to seek that new position quite so soon, but decided that I had nothing to lose by trying. I am excited to be starting this new adventure, working for an organization that directly serves kids. It's also the next best step in terms of experience. Whereas in my former position, I was working with mostly a portfolio of corporate partners, I will now work with a portfolio of individual donors, gain event experience, create a junior board, and more. It is the perfect next step towards achieving my ultimate career goals! Wish me luck!

Do these excuses make up for the serious lack of blogging?

I am certainly hoping that my next post won't be on September 29th! I'll aim for at least one post next week!

What have y'all been up to?

Good summer?

Have a great day!