Leisure Diving

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Many people here in Richmond are still without power, so I am very thankful ours came back on so quickly.

Did anyone get the chance to watch The Today Show yesterday?

I tuned in for a few minutes and really enjoyed their segment on "Leisure Diving."  Have any of y'all heard of it?

LeisureDive.com features all sorts of crazy photos of people leisurely diving/falling into pools with props and costumes.

The key to a good leisure dive, according to Today, was having a casual face, not one of "I'm about to dive in a pool with my clothes on!"

Here are a few of my favorites found on their website:

"Hawaii Dive-O"

"Nap Dive"

"Hotdoggin Dive"

"Sunday at the Library Dive"

"Pool Service Dive"

We have a pool in our backyard and this kind of makes me want to try a leisure dive...I don't know how I'd feel about jumping in the pool fully clothed though...

Would you ever leisure dive?

Have a great day!