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Happy Hump Day readers!

Student teaching is continuing to go wonderfully.  I have connected with lots of my students already and am especially fond of a special education student in my class.  Seeing the glimmer in his eye when we interact melts my heart.

Additionally, thanks to everyone who offered to do a guest post--I have not forgotten you!  I am slowly, but surely emailing volunteers to line up dates and guest posts.  If you have not yet heard from me, you will!

For today's post I wanted to blog about the most fabulous jewelry designer:  Loren Hope Designs.

About a month ago I won a giveaway from Trish (aka Pink Preppy Lilly Lover)--the giveaway was for Loren Hope's Lilly necklace.  I had the option of choosing pink or turquoise.  I chose turquoise and could not be happier with my new necklace.

It arrived beautifully wrapped and with a personal note from Loren
(sadly blogger is loading this picture sideways)

I even wore it to my bloggy meet-up with cAc!

Since getting the necklace I have perused much of Loren's other pieces and am in love.  What I love about her jewelry is their unique mix of bold and classic looks.  So many of her pieces really make a statement and will have heads turning.  Here are a few of my favorites:

I've had dreams about this necklace...SWOON!

I can picture these earrings with so many outfits.

How cool is this?  I'm picturing it paired with a body hugging LBD!

I have one word to describe these:  ELEGANCE!

I would love to wear 2 or 3 of these necklaces together

Have you heard of Loren Hope Designs?  Do you prefer bold, statement jewelry or a more classic look?  What are your favorite jewelry designers?

Have a great day!


  1. I LOVE that necklace you are wearing! And my friend had just emailed me to help her find black earrings for a wedding…BINGO! Thanks girlie!

  2. The necklace you won is precious! I had never heard of this line before but love it now!


  3. Lucky duck! I remember when you won that. Looks great on ya!

  4. Love your necklace! She has such pretty stuff!!!

  5. They are SO pretty! I love the turquoise. Very cute!

  6. Ooooh, love those necklaces! Especially the turquoise one! :)

  7. The jewelry is super cuter! I love LOVE turquoise!

  8. Okay, that jewelry line is just gorgeous! Congrats on winning that turquoise one, it is so YOU!

  9. That is some beautiful jewelry! Glad you're having a great week!

  10. Her jewelry is so pretty!! So envious you won that necklace!

  11. Oh I love your Lilly necklace! It's perfect!

  12. I love your necklace! It looks so great on you! And I adore her other jewelry!

  13. Gorgeous jewelry, especially your necklace. I'm coveting those black onyx earrings though.

  14. Gorgeous jewelry....this is my first time to hear about them. And, I think I'd take the one with my name on it! :)

    xoxo elizabeth

  15. Glad student teaching is going well. Gorgeous jewelry. I love your necklace.

  16. Congrats on winning...the necklace look great on you! xx

  17. Oohhh all of these are beautiful! They remind me a little of Kate Spade.. gorgeous!


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