Hurricane Weekend!

Happy Monday readers!

Wow, what a week we had here in Virginia--first an earthquake on Tuesday and then a hurricane on Saturday!

Hurricane Irene caused quite a stir here in Richmond--most of the city is without power (fortunately ours came on yesterday afternoon) and there are trees down all over town (including on my Grandma's shed).  Luckily, however, all of us were safe.

Though, I know that hurricanes are serious business, I've always associated them with a level of excitement.  When I was younger we often would miss school due to hurricanes and there's just something fun about the power going out.

This weekend was no different.  Bryce and I braved the storm at his house on Saturday.  The power went out around 5:45 pm, but luckily he has a gas stove so we still had a great dinner...made in the dark.

We had already planned to make dinner that night, so I had brought over the fixings for risotto.

Making risotto by flashlight...

Without the camera's flash--this is a more accurate picture of the experience!

The risotto--yum!!

We were hard at work!

Because of the storm, we weren't able to go to the store and get the rest of the ingredients for dinner.  We decided that for a meat we would reheat some leftover meatballs from an Italian dinner with my family Thursday night.

Final product--without flash!

VOILA!  A delicious meal made with no electricity!

After dinner, we decided to camp out downstairs because so many trees were coming down all around us.  We had quite the set up with sleeping bags, a camping light, and Bananagrams--one of my absolute favorite games!

We were also able to listen to tunes on Bryce's computer while it still had battery power!  We checked the storm out online with his wireless card too.  This is what we saw:

The next day we both spent helping our families clean up!  A tree went down at his mom's house and one went down at my Grandma's.  After that we all enjoyed the electricity at my house!

My Grandma's Shed

The tree's root system!

Did Irene affect you?  How did you brave the storm?

Have a great day!


  1. Allie,
    Thanks for writing today. Glad you are okay, too.

    Life without power can be interesting, but glad you managed really, really well.

    Sorry about the tree damage.


  2. glad you can find fun in the power going out...i just find misery haha! It was really really windy here but nothing major came down and my power was only out for about 5 mintues

  3. The hurricane didn't even knock out our power! gladd to hear your okay and that sounds like such a fun little date night!

  4. Glad you're okay! The camping out idea is so cute, and I'm also glad your power is back on!

  5. Allie,

    Wow, you've had quite a week. I'm so glad you are safe and sound--and the only damages were those of property. I'm really impressed with your culinary skills (not gonna lie, I'd pry break out the cereal, heehee). Have a wonderful week. oxo

  6. Glad to hear you are ok! The camping out idea is cute, and I absolutely love bananagrams! One of my favorite games!

  7. Aw, I think that's so cute how you made a little date night out of the whole experience. Esp the camping part ;)

  8. Glad you are ok! And that's a huge tree...or at least the roots look like it's huge! Way to be resourceful for dinner!

  9. So glad that everyone is safe and sound after the hurricane...you all sound like you actually had *fun*!! Definitely a way to make lemonade out of lemons! (c: I love that you made dinner in the dark...practical and romantic...hehehe!

  10. Glad you made it through the storm. I went on the bananagram website and I think I may have to buy that game!....the apple one looked cool too

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  11. Glad you are ok and that you and Bryce were still able to have a great dinner! Camping out is such a cute idea.

    Hurricane Irene caused a lot of damage in the NYC area - mostly from flooding but we have some trees down around town too.

  12. thankfully, the storm didn't do to much damage to you and your family! i'm really glad you all are okay.

    and if you can make tasty risotto in the dark, then you are one AMAZING chef :)

  13. It looks like dinner turned out well! I'm not sure I would have had the patience to cook in the dark.

  14. So jealous you have power!!!! I'm struggling here...

  15. Absolutely love that you cooked by candlelight. Romantic? We went out to eat last night at the only place open....they didn't have power, but their ovens for pizza were functioning. Woot, woot! Happy Monday, Allie!

  16. Glad that you are safe. I love bannagrams! It is so much fun. Oh, and I am soo impressed by the meal y'all made!

  17. glad to hear your power is back out but cooking by flashlight can be fun at times, and makes it real interesting! and that is one massive root fortunately it didn't land on your grandma's shed! glad you are safe!

  18. glad you are safe doll! and that you found such a fun way to weather through the storm!

  19. That is some serious dedication. I'm so impressed with your electricity free meal, looks better than what I could put together with all of my utilities!

    Glad that you made it through relatively unscathed!

  20. Oh man! Glad you are alright! I love your pictures of you guys making dinner! and I love the pictures of you little camp out in the basement! Again, glad you guys were safe!

    AND, I am also (shamelessly) plugging a giveaway on my blog. But it is for a really cool vintage t-shirt (winner gets to choose their design from the website) so I don't feel too guilty about it ;) The Mitten State Vintage T-Shirt Giveaway!

    The Mitten State Vintage T-Shirt Giveaway!

  21. I'm so glad you are safe and sound!

  22. Looks like you made the best out of the situation :) So glad everyone is safe and that the damage wasn't catastrophic!! That picture of the shed is crazy!!

  23. Well, It's nice to know that you and your honey can make a hurricane romantic!!!!!

  24. Glad y'all are safe. And it looks like you made the best of a terrible sensation.

  25. Happy everyone is safe and that you and Bryce made the most of your evening! So cute!

  26. i love that you reused the meatballs for a meat! smashing them up was a good change. you are quite the chef :)


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