Tick Tock!

Hello readers!

My days have been tick-tocking away lately!  My life has been so jam-packed full, but I am by far the happiest I have ever been.  In the whirlwind that is my life these days, my watch is crucial.

I used to never wear a watch and therefore didn't see the point in buying an expensive one.  About two years ago I found a super cute one at Stein Mart for $10 and have worn the heck out of it.

See watch above!
ARS & Allie

I still love my watch, but it is starting to show it's wear.  I have decided I may be putting a nice watch on my birthday or Christmas list.  I have always loved the Michael Kors styles and below are some of my favorites:


And now for my two favorites...

I always have wanted this one, but recently have been having a change of heart..

This my friends, I think is the one!
I love the unique, different look of the horn mixed with the timeless elegance of the design.

Are you a watch person?  What is your favorite brand?