My weekend at home was lovely as y'all saw in yesterday's post and now I'm back in Cville for the final stretch!  My first day of class yesterday was great-- I love the instructor and am excited about the content.  The first class is Contemporary Issues in Education and the second is my Final Field Placement course which deals with educational research and will include conducting my own three case studies and a mega, huge paper during student teaching.  Both classes are 700 level-- that's right, graduate school!

Today, I wanted to share a UVA trend with you:  Twistbands!  These unique hairties became a huge trend around grounds last year and girls even wear them like bracelets.  I didn't really get the hype-- sure they came in fun colors, but so do lots of other hairties...what was the big deal?  I decided to stick to my plain old black hairties and favorite hair clips for the time being.

Finally one day while shopping at one of my favorite Cville stores, Duo, I succumbed to buying a set of these trendy hairties.  They come in sets of 3 for $10.  I selected the set with pastel pink, purple, and blue tie dye.

The pink one in my hair!

Since buying a set, I've decided I definitely like them.  They're a fun way to add a pop of color to my hair and come in tons of different colors as well as tie dye and metallic options (I've been eyeing the metallics for a while now).   Additionally, their use of stretchy fabric for a hair tye is less harsh on my hair and makes it less likely to cause hair to split.

The one critique I have however, is that they're definitely not work-out friendly-- my hair's thick and these would not hold a pony tail in place while running, jumping, etc.  For working out I'll stick to these Scunci No-Slip Grip hairties that can be found at your local drug store

Have you seen these?  What do you think?