Garnet Hill

I have always loved decorating.  I could spend hours flipping through design magazines and will often envision a room in my head.   I joke that my dad just needs to build a shed in our back yard so that I can buy all the things I like and want for my future home.  For a while now, I've known that in my next "big girl bed" (once I get my own place), I want a white matelasse bedspread.  I love the idea of a white bedspread with pops of color through the use of coverlets and pillows.  I'm also a huge fan of Euro shams and the layering of many pillows.

My bedspread for all four years of college was a green matelasse bedspread I actually ordered from Pottery Barn Kids.  My favorite detail of the bedspread is probably the scalloped edges.

College bedding--if you look closely you'll notice the scalloped edges.

Well, knowing that I want white matelasse and like the scalloped edges, I always have my eyes peeled for that perfect bedspread.  A few nights ago I was doing some online window shopping and decided to check out Garnet Hill.  And what do you think was on the homepage??

THE EXACT BEDSPREAD I HAVE ENVISIONED:  white matelasse, Euro shams, and scalloped edges--AND, drumroll please, it's on sale!

Isn't it lovely?

I've decided to order it now and incorporate my current bedspread (which I still love 7 years after I first got it) kind of like the green spread and pillows are added in the picture.  I'll post pictures once it comes in!

After finding the quilt I continued to peruse the site and was not disappointed.  Here were some of my other favorite finds:

Of course some Lilly:

I would love sheets in this print!


I prefer the green!

They also carry tons of fun sheets!

Aren't these precious?

Love these robots for a boy's bedroom!

GH also has gorgeous rugs galore...

I'll take everything in this picture!

These would be perfect for my future rivah house!

Arent' the flowers lovely?

Oh, and did I mention--they also sell clothing for women and kids?

Love the ruffle and ruching detail.

OBSESSED with this cardigan!

Not sure if I could pull it off, but I love this vest!

This would be perfect with my bright yellow chino shorts!

I have been dreaming about these rings for a few days now!

Do you like Garnet Hill?  Where are some of your favorite places to find bedding?