10 Tips for New Runners

Happy Tuesday friends!

This post is long overdue, as I had meant to post it in January with New Year's resolutions. That said, today marks 1 year since my running journey began and I can't think of a better time to share than September when fall and cooler weather is right around the corner!

Prior to last September, I always called myself a seasonal runner. I'd find myself hitting the pavement each fall when cool weather would creep in and the leaves would start changing. As soon as winter came, the leaves fell from the trees, and temperatures dropped below about 50° my runs would come to a halt until the first warm weather of spring would creep in and the leaves would begin emerging once again. Last year, for reasons still unbeknownst to me, that changed, though. I found myself craving my runs and discovered that cold weather runs are by far my favorite. After running the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, I made a goal to complete a 10 miler by the New Year. Since then, I've run the Shamrock Half Marathon and the Monument Avenue 10k. I've run each and every month - some months more than others - and have logged a total 327 miles.

I've shared snippets along the way on Instagram, as a way to keep myself accountable, and have gotten many requests from you to share my tips. Particularly tips to take those first steps, so am compiling my top 10 here today!

My number one tip is to just go! My biggest running cheerleader is a best friend who's both a physical therapist and marathon runner. She always says "The first mile is a liar" insinuating that it's harder than the rest. Set your own pace and set small goals and milestones to celebrate along the way.

I'll be the first to admit that the last couple of months I've failed at this one. Between sickness, work, and heat, making running a routine has been tough. That said, when you're just getting started a routine is key. Commit to running at least 2-3 times per week, with recovery days in between. You'll be amazed at how quickly you build endurance and stamina as you make running a habit. 

As I mentioned above, set your own pace at the beginning. To expand on that, don't be afraid to stop and walk if you need. Your first goal may be to work up to a mile without stopping, but if the first few runs you have to stop at half a mile, do it! It's amazing what just a short 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 1 block walking break will do to reenergize you. If giving yourself a walking break or two means you can run 3 miles instead of 2, it's well worth it! 

Once you've been running a few weeks, pinpoint what feels like an easy distance to run (this can, should, and will change as you run more). Use this "easy run" to negotiate with yourself. For me that's 3 miles. On days that I'm really not feeling motivated, I use my easy run as a negotiation. I tell myself "I'll just run an easy 3 miles." More often than not once I get started, I get in a groove and run 4, 5, or even 6 miles...again, the first steps are the hardest, so bargain with yourself if you need.

This tip stems from my Type A tendencies, but I do think makes a difference when you're working to increase your distance. I have my running app (I use Map My Run) set to alert me at half mile intervals. I always stop on the mile or half mile for my cool-down. Once you've worked your way up to running 2 or 3 miles with ease, adding a half mile, which is about 5 minutes, doesn't seem so tough. Sometimes you'll even get to that half mile point and realize you've got an extra 5 minutes in you and can push another half mile. Once you get to running even longer distances, it can become a mind game and I even will equate half miles to songs. 10 minutes more is about 2 songs (give or take), so I'll tell myself "You can run for just 2 more songs!" if I've got a mile left.

Keep in mind that every run is different. I've worked myself up to a "normal" run being around 5 miles, and that even feels easy sometimes. There are days, however (if it's really hot, or, I ate a big lunch, for example) when just 3 miles can be brutal. I never beat myself up for those runs, though, and always tell myself that running slow or a short distance is better than stopping or skipping the run altogether.

For me, scenery is huge! I beeline it out of my neighborhood as soon as I can making my way to Grove Avenue, where I can loop in and out of all of my favorite Richmond neighborhoods admiring the pretty houses. Being surrounded with beauty, as well as other people and activity, makes my runs so much more enjoyable. When I get in a rut, I'll also switch up my route slightly, or run down a street I've never run before to keep things fresh. Similarly, whenever I'm out of town and run in a new place, I'm amazed at how far I can go, because the excitement of exploring a new place is a distraction from fatigue.

I prefer to run outside, which does bring risks. Bryce says he literally worries about me the entire time I am gone on runs. First things first, put your phone away! I've fallen twice during runs: Once in March 2018 and once last September. During the first fall, I skinned my knee really badly and also scraped my hands. During the second, I crushed my phone and had Millie with me. Both times I was looking at my phone to adjust something on my running app. After the second tumble, I immediately ordered this running belt. It's essentially a fanny pack, and not chic, but it keeps me hands free and is also waterproof! Buying shoes at a running shop recommended for your feet and gait, giving yourself recovery days, stretching and strength training will all help avoid injury. Don't run at night, but do purchase clip on lights and reflective gear for dusk runs, or times you may get accidentally caught in the dark. Wear sunscreen, especially on your face and chest!

Never underestimate the power of a race to hold you accountable. As mentioned above, in my Turkey Trot 10k training last fall, I loved that I had caught what I called the running bug. I was so nervous I'd give up my runs over the cold winter, so signed up for the Shamrock Half Marathon on St. Patrick's Day, because I knew it would force me to stick with it through the winter. I'm so glad I did, because winter runs became my very favorite. Not to mention, there's no feeling quite like crossing the finish line...especially when it's for a distance you never thought possible!

If you're interested in running, just keep at it - never give up! As I shared, I was a seasonal runner for years, and every time I would start it was with the intention of going beyond the season. Until last fall, though, it just never stuck. I still am not sure what it is that hooked me last year, but once I was hooked, I decided to embrace it! When life happens and you fall out of the habit, do give yourself grace. For example, I only ran one time in May, then the next month in June, I ran more times than any other month during this year of running. August was a really demanding month, and likewise, I only ran once. This September is a new start, though! Never give up!

And on that note, I need to figure out my next race! My birthday falls on the Turkey Trot (also Thanksgiving) this year, but I'm not sure yet if we'll be spending Thanksgiving in town or the country this year. I'm been considering signing up for the Richmond Half Marathon, also in November, but am still working through some issues where my left hamstring meets my IT band, so am not sure 13.1 miles is the smartest, or safest (see Tip #8 above) choice at this point. Regardless, though, I know I'm not giving up!

Are you a runner?

If so, what are your tips for new runners?

Have a great day!


Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts...even at the last minute!

Happy Hump Day...thank goodness for short work weeks!

Our season of life has changed and we've shifted from weddings to babies. We haven't been to a wedding since December and during that same time, I've been to probably five or six baby showers! A couple weekends ago, as I prepared for one such shower at the last minute, I posted on Instagram Stories sharing my tips for baby shower gifting, registry guidelines, and adding thoughtfulness to gifts. I received such good feedback, as well as additional good tips from followers, and also thought of a few more ideas myself since posting. All that said, I thought it may be helpful and worthwhile to post the content here, too, in a place where it's easier to reference later and for me to direct you to some great gifts online.

First things first, let's talk registries:

  1. They exist for a reason!
  2. When it comes to baby registries, in particular, new mamas spend a lot of time researching, asking friends and family, and choosing what they think is best for their new baby. So, be mindful of the registry and respect their choices.
  3. If you think a registry gift is impersonal or boring, my favorite tip is to select something to gift from the registry, and then select something off registry that complements it. More on this later, but it is the number one way to take your registry, especially last minute registry, gift to the next level and make it feel special.

There are a few exceptions to my "Respect the Registry" rules:

  1. Heirloom Baby Gifts: When you really want to go above and beyond with a baby shower gift (think, a gift for your expectant best friend or sister), you may want to choose an heirloom gift that will be cherished for years to come and even passed down in a family. Top picks for these would be a monogrammed Beaufort Bonnet Co. bonnet, an engraved baby cup, or pewter rattle.
  2. Those Gifts that "Scream" the Mama-to-Be: These gifts are again, reserved for those friends or family members you know so well. They're the gifts that you spy, get giddy about, and say to yourself "That is SO XYZ mama." 
  3. Your Own Tried & Trues: If you're a mama yourself, gifting your tried & true, can't live without baby items, is a great way to "pay it forward." At the most recent baby showers, I've been to, this has been the top "tried & true" gift.
  4. Gifts to Spoil the Mama-to-Be: You won't often find things for the mama on registries, but items that can bring comfort or joy to her during the moments where she feels least comfortable make for very thoughtful gifts.

To avoid completely boring you with more words, let's take a look at some examples, with more detail and explanation provided below.

To elaborate on the above, and provide more gift ideas:
Bonnet and Rattle: These are both great examples of the heirloom gifts I mentioned, and are worth the splurge because they stand the test of time. For something a little more fresh (and also affordable), but still very personalized and special, check out these plates for baby girl and baby boy.
Lamb Blabla Doll and Dalmatian Lovie: As mentioned above, a great way to elevate a registry gift is with a gift that complements, or just adds the cuteness factor, to an otherwise practical gift. I love how whimsical the Blabla Kids line is, and the lamb is a great gender neutral option.  At a lower price point, but still equally sweet, are Angel Dear lovies. We've gifted both of these as congratulatory gifts, as well, when friends have told us they're expecting. Sophie the Giraffe is another great option, here, as is this adorable Avocado Stroller Toy.
Welcome Little One and Birds of a Color Board Books: Similar to the animals above, board books are another great "cherry on top" to add to your otherwise practical gift. I avoid classics, because it's more likely the recipient will receive duplicates of classics. In addition to the two I love and mentioned above, I also really like Press HereI'd Know You Anywhere, My Love, and Jellycat's Touch and Feel board books which come in a whole zoo of animals to fit any theme!
Nose Frida: Practical items, while not always as fun to gift, are guaranteed to be not only used, but appreciated by new mamas! Consult the registry for these, or if you're a mom yourself, gift some of your go-to items! Moms swear by this Nose Frida, which is guaranteed to generate conversation and laughs at showers. Water Wipes are another recent favorite, and Boudreaux's Butt Paste is also quite popular. I like to mix a few inexpensive practical options like these from the registry in with more fun gifts, and they're pretty much always still available at the last minute.  
Baby's Initial Necklace, Charcoal Mask, and Pearl Headband: These gifts are all about spoiling mama! I love the delicate initial necklace that can be worn all the time and layered with other necklaces. I chose to include this one, in particular, because it comes in five length options, as well as in silver, gold and rose gold finishes; can be personalized with multiple initials and symbols like a heart; and also comes in metal options ranging in price from $29.75 to $238. A mask, or other "spa" items like this candle, encourage self care and relaxation during pregnancy. I've been enjoying this charcoal one myself lately, and am also still obsessed and using this rose face cream from my holiday gift guides. Finally, I chose the pearl headband (under $20!) as it has become my go-to for dirty hair days, or days when I just need a little pick-me-up...both days expectant and new mamas are likely to encounter!
Pom Pom Canvas Bin: Finally, presentation is everything. Home Goods is my go-to for gift wrap and bags, but with baby gifts, I often will opt for a basket or bin in lieu of wrapping...bonus points if it's from the registry! Pehr has tons of cute options like the pom pom bin above, which I've actually gifted in the rainbow version from a registry before, filled with "boring" practical registry items like wipes and diaper cream. I also love this woven pom pom option, this diaper caddy, and splurge cloud basket. At the most recent shower I attended, I used this pretty blush pink plastic bin that was just $3.99 and also have had good luck finding options at the Dollar Tree. Fill your basket with tissue paper, or (my personal favorite) crinkle filler, wrap it in a basket bag, and top with a pretty bow! Finally, if you don't have monogrammed enclosure cards, I highly recommend them to save yourself from having to buy cards!

Here's a photo of the formula above in action for the most recent shower I attended (all bought last minute the day of, no less)!

What are your go-to baby shower gifts?

Any dos and don'ts you abide by when gifting?

Have a great day!


Late Summer Supper Club

Hello friends, and happy Labor Day!

It's been quite some time since I've posted here on AlexandraBeeBlog.com, but my heart has been longing for more of a creative outlet, and the blog seems like the best place to flex my creative muscle at the moment.

If you'd like to read more on this, check out my "On Hospitality" highlight reel on Instagram. In short, though, I've been musing over this idea of Southern hospitality - or graciousness, warmth, welcome - in all aspects of life, not just entertaining. I'll be experimenting with some different ways to bring you content (with a good dose of my usual "lifestyle" content mixed in) in this area over the  next few months. As I find myself reading blogs less and less, I'm not sure where to strike the balance between here on the blog, and micro-blogging, a new term I learned which is essentially blogging via Instagram. (Any thoughts?) Stay tuned.

Being that Labor Day is the unofficial last day of Summer, I wanted to share a recent supper club dinner party before shifting gears to all things Fall. When it comes to entertaining, one detail is often the jumping off board for all others for me. For this particular evening, these beaded placemats "Millie" found at Home Goods and gifted me for Mother's Day were that one detail.

Because of their coral design, I knew a seafood meal was in order, and other coastal details like shells might have to play a part on the table. I also knew, I wanted pink to be the other main color on the table and toyed with the idea of pink candles, napkins, peonies, or glassware.

I really wanted pink peonies for the table, but wasn't able to track any down, so opted for my other go-to: white hydrangeas. They have such a simple elegance, require no floral arranging skills, and last forever (our party was 3 weeks ago, and they're still going strong on the table!). Pink glasses gave a dose of pink to the table, as did my tobacco leaf china. 

The Staffordshire dogs had been moved from our mantle to the table while we had painters in the living room earlier in the week, so ended up on this tablescape somewhat by accident. I loved the way they looked mixed in with the shells and other decor, though. 

With all the colors and other elements on the table, I decided to stick with classic white linen napkins. These from our wedding are a favorite to use at dinner parties. One napkin is embroidered with my monogram and another is embroidered with Bryce's. I put these at the heads of the table, and the remaining napkins are plain. I never bother to iron my napkins. I think the wrinkles have their own kind of understated elegance and put people at ease and keep things from getting too stuffy. 

For menu, we started with a simple cheese and charcuterie board, thanks to Trader Joe's. Their apricot stilton and marcona almonds are two of my musts for cheese boards!

For the entree, I knew grilled shrimp over twirly pasta would fit the coastal theme. One of our guests is dairy free, so we opted for this dairy free pesto over angel hair. We topped it with grilled shrimp, charred cherry tomatoes, and toasted pine nuts. We also served my go-to arugula salad and bread.

Finally, for dessert, we served this Molten Chocolate Cake with Coconut Whipped Cream and Pistachios. In addition to being dairy free, it was also gluten free, paleo, and oh so delicious!

A wonderful night was had by all, and the marvelous company and pretty table, made all the dishes the next day well worth it!

Are you in a Supper Club?

What are your favorite summer eats?

Have a great (short) week!


Weekend Recap

Happy Hump Day, readers!

I don't consistently post weekend recaps (or consistently post anything, haha) on the blog these days, but every now and then a really great weekend comes along that's worth documenting here. This past weekend was one of those weekends and I'm excited to share it with you...and that we're halfway to this coming weekend!

Our weekend started with the absolutely perfect Valentine's Day dinner party hosted by our friends Blair and Davis. Our friends, Emily and Frank were also in attendance and whenever the six of us get together it is a guaranteed amazing time!

Blair's tablescape was equal parts formal and whimsy and absolute perfection! I loved how she had cute details like the sparkly pom poms on the table and those marble and gold foil candlesticks were stunners!


We even each got our own bag of Lindt truffles at our place setting as favors! No detail was spared!

Just as important as the tablescape is the menu! I took sweet potato ham biscuits, shrimp and grits cakes, and cheese crackers, compliments of The Orderves Company (more on that in a post coming soon!).

Blair and Davis outdid themselves with our dinner menu. We feasted on salad, beef tenderloin, and lobster pot pie! Blair even made extra puff pastry in the shape of lobsters for dipping! No...detail...spared!

For dessert, we had Shyndigz Oreo Cake. So grateful for these wonderful friends and can't wait for our next get together!

Saturday morning, I taught barre and then my girlfriend Amanda and I hit the road to Raleigh. In snow and rain, no less! Right before Christmas, I had ordered a chair from Beau Dandy Goods in Raleigh. Bryce had just been to Raleigh for work and was planning to head back in a few weeks, so Ashleigh was sweet enough to offer to hold the chair so I wouldn't have to pay high shipping costs. Well...Bryce never made it back to Raleigh and doesn't anticipate a trip there soon, so Amanda and I decided to road trip to get the chair...and it was so fun, y'all!

The weather had cleared by the time we crossed the border into North Carolina. After picking up the chair, and meeting the sweet golden retriever, the "Beau" of Beau Dandy Goods, we headed to brunch at Hummingbird at the recommendation of Ashleigh, Beau's mom.

Hummingbird had a cool vintage meets industrial meets girlie vibe and we loved it! The food was also deeelicious! Amanda and I both chose the Shakshuka, which was burnt tomato, eggs, herbs, and feta baked in a Le Creuset gratin dish. We were very hungry from barre and our time in the car and it did the trick! It was a definite comfort food and it was as if an Italian dinner entree had merged with brunch! I also ordered grits on the side that were cheesy perfection, and Amanda ordered hash brown that were also tasty.


Our next stop was Cameron Village for shopping! Charlotte's Inc was at the top of both our lists as we've followed them on Instagram for quite some time. I didn't save any pictures at Charlotte's, but I did get this dress for 70% off and these earrings in the turquoise! We also popped into Uniquities and The Impeccable Pig and then discovered Steven Shell Living on our way out and decided to pop in! It did not disappoint!


I fell in love with these gorgeous oversized fern prints that were a steal for just $69! Ferns are a personal favorite and were a big theme in our wedding floral scheme, so I knew I had to indulge. I thought a pair could make a fabulous statement and chose the two on the right below. The maidenhair was a must, because it was one of my favorite details in my wedding bouquet and last summer Bryce planted a maidenhair with black stems like the print in our garden. I picked the second, more traditional fern, because I thought it paired best with the maidenhair in terms of color and scale.


Our last stop was Vita Vite at the suggestion of a sorority sister who lives in Raleigh for a quick bite before hitting the road. It had a great energy and vibe and art was displayed for sale all around the restaurant.

Amanda and I were both still somewhat satisfied from brunch so opted for cheese and charcuterie for dinner. We also split a baby chocolate eclair, because as it turns out, Amanda had never had an eclair before...she liked it!


We hit the road and made it home in time for each of us to snuggle our pups and head to bed. We both agreed that getting out of town was good for the soul and invigorating! It made me think I really need to do impromptu day trips, or even just a night away more often! One of my favorite things about Richmond is that we have so many cool destinations within just a few hours of us and I want to take better advantage of that moving forward!

Sunday Bryce and I had brunch at a Richmond favorite, Lulu's (three words: red velvet waffles) with some friends who are expecting their first baby next month. I couldn't make it to the mama-to-be's shower, so this was our chance to celebrate with them. I wore my new earrings!

After that, we headed home, got my chair styled and had a lazy Sunday! We watched As Good As It Gets on Netflix that night with Chinese takeout and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was a weekend that was one for the books, and one where I truly savored every moment...living out my word for 2019!

Did you have a good weekend?

Any fun plans for the weekend ahead?

Do you take advantage of day trips to places near your hometown?

Have a great day!


Arugula & Quinoa Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Happy Friday!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Ours was super low key this year, as Bryce was traveling all day yesterday. We usually cook a fancy meal together, but instead opted for fancy takeout.

Today I'm excited to be sharing a recipe for my all time favorite salad: Arugula & Quinoa Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette. Whenever I ask about content y'all want on the blog, the #1 answer is recipes, so I hope you're excited, too!

This recipe originally came from a website called A Nutritionist Eats, which no longer is online.

It is light, healthy and delicious and also is great leftover (a true feat for salad). It is my go to when entertaining. In fact, I probably make it about 90% of the time when entertaining, so much so that my friends will expect it.

For the Salad
1 cup cooked quinoa (I usually measure 1/4 to 1/3 cup uncooked)
6-8 cups arugula (at least one container of arugula, sometimes a little more if for a crowd)
1/2 cup almonds, toasted and chopped (almonds are best, but pecans are tasty, too!)
For the Vinaigrette
1 tbsp lemon zest (about 1 lemon - I zest and then squeeze for juice below)
2 tbsp lemon juice (about 1 lemon)
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp honey
3 tbs minced shallots (about 1 shallot)
salt & pepper (I always prefer kosher salt on my salads)

1. Prepare quinoa as directed and let cool.

2. Whisk together all vinaigrette ingredients.

3. Toss quinoa, arugula, and dressing until combined.

4. Top with almonds (you can toss with the almonds, but I find for entertaining, pouring on top last makes for a prettier presentation).

5. Voila, easy peasy! Enjoy!

Do you have a favorite salad recipe?

What are your go-tos when entertaining or feeding a crowd?

Have a great weekend!


2019 Valentine Making Party

Happy Valentine's Day Eve, my friends!

I've always been a big fan of Valentine's Day, even when I was single. A day devoted to pink, red, hearts, and flowers is a win in my book single or taken!

Given my love of the holiday, I decided getting the chance to spread love with some of my best girls could be quite fun and hosted my first ever Valentine Making Party in 2014 (see here). It was an instant hit with my friends and since has become a bit of a tradition. I hosted a second in 2016 (here), third in 2018, and this year managed to host two years in a row for the first time with a 2019 edition. I gathered about 10 girlfriends last Thursday night and am excited to share with you today.

First things first: Supplies! After hosting this party so many times, I didn't even have to purchase supplies this year, though I did notice my stock is getting low on a few items. Here you can go as simple or complex as you'd like. Key elements are construction paper and/or card stock, markers, scissors, and glue. From there you can add to the mix with stickers, paper doilies, pom poms, scrapbook paper, feathers, balloons, and my personal favorite, googly eyes! Really just about any craft supplies can get added to the table, and I try to keep them all in a red, pink, and purple color theme for aesthetic purposes. I also am always sure to put the tablecloth (similar here) shown above on the table. It is vinyl which wipes clean easily and padded with flannel on the backside. This means people can craft away with no worries about damaging our dining room table! The "love" runner on top was a TJ Maxx find years ago. Finally, another crafting tip is to have trash cans at the ready. I put two on opposite corners for easy access, that you can see in a photo toward the bottom of the post.

To encourage creativity I also display an inspiration poster. It has a mix of sample valentines that are both cute and cheeky!

Next up, and equally important, is food and drink!

Every year I make champagne punch for the occasion! It is so perfectly pink and festive and a big hit. You top a container of raspberry sherbet with a bottle of champagne, a bottle of ginger ale, and a bag of frozen strawberries. Easy peasy! You can top it off with more champagne to refill as needed throughout the night.


I also had lemon water, La Croix, and red and white wine available for guests.

For menu, I replicated the menu from last year's party to a tee. It was easy, crowd pleasing, and quick to pull together on a weeknight. It also has options to satisfy both vegetarians and guests who are gluten free.

Pimiento cheese is a Southern staple and if you're in Richmond, Yellow Umbrella's is hands down the best. I always will make an extra trip there for it when entertaining. I serve it with Pecan Nut Thins which are gluten free, and complement the cheese well. A pre-made veggie tray is easy to kick up a notch with hummus for dipping and pretty presentation.

I also like to serve a few items that are a bit more hearty so people don't leave hungry. These chicken salad bites have become an entertaining staple since getting the idea from a friend. Just scoop chicken salad on top of granny smith apple slices and top with a pecan. Poppyseed ham biscuits are classic Virginia, and while they're very easy to make, they're even easier to buy premade for weeknight entertaining. These came from Yellow Umbrella, as well. Finally, this arugula salad is my go to for entertaining and a favorite amongst my family and friends (recipe coming Friday!).

I'm going to try and link up as much of my serveware as I can find online below, but will note that these rectangular platters the chicken salad and ham biscuits are displayed on are a favorite! I received one as a shower gift and have found myself wishing for a second again and again when entertaining. I decided it was time to bite the bullet and literally stopped at Fraiche on my way home from work the day of the party to purchase a second. I tried to keep all serveware to a Beatriz Ball/silver and clear glass theme.

Last, but certainly not least, no Valentine's Day celebration would be complete without sweet treats! These cookie dough rice krispies (recipe here) are a favorite and probably the dessert my friends request most! The rose heart wreath was a CVS find in college and I added the ribbon a couple years ago.

I upped the ante a little this year by using a cookie cutter to make them into hearts. It took a long time, but I think the cuteness factor was worth it! I make these the night ahead.

I can't resist showing you a couple snapshots of some additional decor. I didn't go all out this year, but the little Valentine's Day touches sure do bring a smile to my face.

The felt garland was a Michael's or Target find years ago and is so sweet.

There's nothing quite like pink tulips in the dead of winter! The pink and red blocks were a Target dollar section find in college and spell "XOXO," "KISS," "HUGS," and "LOVE."

Once the party started, I only managed to snap two pictures, which was a sign of a good party in my book!

What I love about this photo is that each of these 4 ladies is a friend from a different facet of my life - I really enjoy bringing different groups together!

And here's a sampling of our masterpieces! Those googly eyes! Mine is the love bug!

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Do you like making handmade cards or prefer store bought?

Are there any parties you throw year after year?

Have a great Valentine's Day, love bugs!