Orlando Bound

Woooweee!!  It is FRIDAY!!!

AND...Spring Break starts today!

As much as I love my chickadees and teaching, I also love a good break!

I am so thrilled that break is here and even more excited that I will be headed to Orlando to visit one of my best friends in just a few days!

My plans while I'm there?

Must get a tan.  Must visit the Tory Burch outlet.  Must get in lots of girl time!

Here's a look at some of my Spring Break essentials!

Orlando Bound

Orlando Bound by sundressesandsmiles featuring tory burch

I am looking forward to some chill time on the beach!  

I plan to take my Trina Turk bikinis (don't her swimsuits just scream summer?!?)!  I think her "Summer of Love" bikini in this set to die for! Of course, I will also take my gold Jacks and a good book (currently loving this one).  And finally, for the final essentials, I say go big or go home!  Big sunglasses, a big hat, and a big beach bag are all key!

Have you gone or are you going anywhere for Spring Break?

What are your favorite beachy essentials?

I'll be back Monday with happy updates on my resolutions and maybe an April Fool or two!  

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


Gift Baskets

Happy Hump Day readers!

How was your St. Patty's Day?

Mine was lots of fun.  Saturday, Bryce and I met some friends downtown for Richmond's Shamrock the Block.


If you recall from this time last year, Bryce's birthday is right around the corner...in 5 days to be exact!  As I've tried to figure out a good present for his birthday, I can't stop thinking I'll never outdo the oyster basket I made for him last year!

Being that the oyster basket post was a popular one, I thought I'd share some other baskets I've made recently!  

In college, I planned my sorority's silent auction two years in a row and really enjoyed putting together all of the auction baskets.  I have since used those skills to put together other baskets.  It is a great way to give a really personal gift and is also fun for those friends that seem to already have everything.

In December I put together two gift baskets.  One, as a Christmas present for Bryce's dad and stepmom and another for my cousin CAE's 21st birthday!

The one I made for Bryce's dad and stepmom was centered around a margarita theme.  Bryce's dad makes the best margaritas and we also enjoy going out for Mexican with them often, so I thought it would be the perfect gift.  

The main ingredient of the basket was, of course, margarita mix and a bottle of Patron!

I found this Guacamole Mix and Salsa at Williams-Sonoma.

And the final ingredient was some chips to go with the salsa!

I arranged it all in a cute green basket I found at Marshall's.

And finally topped it off with a bow!

CAE's basket was also a lot of fun to put together.  Being that she was turning 21, I chose an alcohol theme.

I thought one of these aluminum buckets from Michael's would be perfect!
Being that blue is CAE's favorite color, I decided to decorate it with blue and green polka dots!

I also added this green ribbon on each handle!

I found these cute "Alcohol Warning" cups at a local gift shop.

Each cup has an alcohol warning, I loved this one:
"Excessive consumption of alcohol may leave you wondering what happened to your clothes."

I got airport bottles to put in each alcohol warning cup!
I tried to get CAE a good variety of liquors to try!

I filled the bucket with blue filler and also added some to each cup before placing the airport bottles in!

The finishing touch to the basket was a birthday crown and margarita glasses (we were meeting for dinner at a Mexican restaurant)!

Ready for the birthday girl!

Woohoo!  21!

Instagram Pic from the Night!

Have you ever made or received a gift basket?

And now friends,  I need to decide to get for Mr. B!  I had signed us up for a beer tasting class in Charlottesville followed by dinner at our favorite C'ville restaurant, The Local, tonight.   Unfortunately a last minute work trip to Montreal (sometimes I really  hate Bryce's company...) forced me to cancel.  So now I am boyfriend-less (just for the week) and present-less.  Any suggestions?

Have a great day!



Happy Friday readers!!

T-minus 2 weeks until Spring Break!  I am pumped!!!

Had a good week?

Mine has been pretty good, but hectic!  These last few weeks have come with lots of lengthy after school meetings.  It's definitely been hard to juggle getting my workouts in, eating a healthy dinner, and finding time to blog, while still getting to bed at a reasonable hour, so I apologize if my posts have been a little unpredictable and boring, lately!

Anyways, onto today's post!

"Terrific twos...do you mean terrible twos?  Who?" you might be asking.

My answer is Sundresses and Smiles!

Today is this blog's 2nd birthday!

I can't believe that two years has already past since I began this adventure.  The last two years have been filled with many new and exciting things, so we definitely have cause to celebrate!

You're invited...

Make sure to get your finest party dress...
(Balloons will be aplenty!)

Prepare to pop some bubbly...

And indulge in some pretty desserts!

RSVP today...

Regrets only please!

In all seriousness, YOU, my readers are a big part of what pulled me back into blogging after my hiatus this summer and fall.  I love the connections I've made in the blog world.  Your blogs and support have made me smile, laugh, and cry.  You have taught me so much and enriched my life!  Thank you!

On a side note, I've been considering a blog name change for a while and thought this blogoversary might be a good time to take the plunge.  I have a name in mind, but wanted to see what y'all thought?  Do you think a name change would be okay?  If so, do you have any good ideas for a name that would suit this blog's personality?  Let me know!!!

Have a great weekend!


Waterfowl Festival

Happy Friday chicas!

How were your weeks?

Since I took a bit of a blogging hiatus this past summer and fall, I didn't get a chance to share some of my fun trips and activities with you.  I figured now that I'm back, I could sprinkle them in here and there, along with what's going on in my life now.

So without further adieu, I'd like to share a trip I took with Bryce and his family this past fall!

In November, we traveled to the charming Easton, Maryland for their annual Waterfowl Festival.

Sunday in the Park
Mark Eberhard, featured artist of the Waterfowl Festival 2012

Located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the Festival is an integral part of the community.

The Festival brings together waterfowl enthusiasts and involves art galleries, decoy artists, retriever demonstrations, historical information, and more!

We were there Thursday night through Sunday and had lots of fun!

Here are some tidbits from our weekend:

All the shops and storefronts in the town went ducky (or goosey!) for the Festival.

Bryce enjoying a camo cupcake!

There were lots of dogs.

I loved the retriever demonstrations!

There were activities and events for kids.

This robot even talks to you!

There was lots of shopping in both Easton and nearby St. Michael's.

Isn't this dressing room adorable?

And lots of good food!

Shore Boys Cream of Crab Soup

And finally, beautiful art everywhere!

My biggest purchase of the weekend was this oil painting by St. Michael's artist Barbara Jablin!

Have you ever been to Maryland's Eastern Shore?

Have a great weekend!


4 Weeks!

Happy Wednesday loves!

I am very happy to report that I am posting right now from HOME!

This morning I was thrilled to receive the call that we have a snow day!  The snow  has been coming down hard for a few hours now and is beautiful!  I am wishing and hoping for another day off tomorrow!

It was especially good because a long meeting after school yesterday and dinner plans kept me from my weekly blogging time!

Today I thought I'd just do a short post to update you on some exciting news:  4 weeks from today I will be on my way to sunny Orlando to visit one of my very best friends!

I am thrilled to spend some of my spring break with ARS.  I plan to get my tan started, indulge in lots of girl time..and girly drinks, and of course, shop at the outlets (TORY BURCH, yes please!!).

Already dreaming of a trip here!

I am hoping that my computer will cooperate today so that I can write a longer post for this week, so bear with me!  (I'm considering trying to put off the new laptop purchase a bit longer so I can save up for Orlando, ha...)

Do you have any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?

Is it snowing where you are?

Have a great day!