Spring Blooms

Happy Hump Day readers!

I sure am hoping the saying about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb is going to come true this year. We had some gorgeous weather last week, but this week things have been dreary and cold again! I am ready for April!

Despite the cold, some blooms are still starting to pop up in our yard. I can't wait for everything to come out (especially my grandmother's peonies and irises). Until everything else decides to pop up, I guess gazing at beautiful blooms online will have to suffice...

And here's a look at some of the flowers from our own personal garden from springs and summers past:

And about 99% of that beauty is all thanks to Bryce....I have a pretty black thumb!

What's blooming where you are?

What is your favorite spring bloom?

Have a great day!


Spring Wish List

Happy Thursday chickies!

Just one more day until Spring (and the weekend)!

Some gorgeous weather earlier in the week has me extra giddy for Spring's arrival.

With every new season, of course comes a new wish list of fun fashion picks! Today I am sharing what I've got my eye on for this Spring...

These sunglasses! I have been obsessed with them ever since seeing Gal Meets Glam wear them here on Instagram!

Y'all know I love a good tunic and I came across this one in my green search for Tuesday's post. If long enough, I think it would be super cute worn as a dress or also over tight white skinnies!

Tory Burch Sandals are also on my list! I have a $50 gift card I've been saving since my birthday and can't wait to use it on a good TB sale! I like both of these pairs.

New Lilly, of course! Lilly has so much goodness going on right now it's hard to narrow it down. This dress is a show stopper, though!

This top is the first spring item I have actually crossed off of my wish list! It was on major sale in store last week and I got it for around $40 with a J. Crew gift card from Christmas. The beaded detail is beautiful, but it is also available in some non-beaded options. It's not marked down as much online right now, but it is on sale with an extra 30% off with code SPRINGSALE.

And last, but not least, these coral jeans are super cute and would brighten any spring look! They are under $70, too, which is a major plus!

What fashion finds are you lusting over for Spring?

What is your favorite way to transition from season to season?

Have a great day!


2015 Books Read (so far...)

Happy Hump Day readers!

Is it just me, or is this a great week!?

I think all the excitement of St. Patrick's Day paired with some beautiful spring weather these last few days has me in an amazing mood!

Today I am excited to share the books I have read so far in 2015.

I am a shameless bookworm and find so much enjoyment out of spending an entire day vegged out on the couch with a good book.  This year, when beginning to select books, I have often found myself looking to this list that I found on Pinterest. It already had several books I had read (and liked) so I thought it would serve as a good go-to for other selections.

I am currently on my 8th book of 2015 and it feels great. Here's a look at what I've read so far this year...

I will rank each on a 5 star scale and mention a word or two about them!

3 Stars
Good, light read. Semi predictable..tells the story of Kit, 
a Wall Street divorcee and her path to find new love. 
Also interweaves the stories of a few of her close girflriends.

4 Stars
Tells the story of Gabby, a happily married middle aged woman--
Or so she thought...until...she meets Matt.
Will Gabby risk all for an affair with Matt 
or protect the family and life she holds so dear?

5 Stars
Kate, a single mother, struggles to balance work and family.
When she receives a call from her daughter's prestigious private NYC school,
and learns that her daughter Amelia has fallen (or jumped) to her death, 
Kate's world is turned upside down. But...did Amelia really jump?

4.5 Stars
Andy is an assistant DA in a tight-knit suburban town. He finds every aspect of his life
being compromised and put to the test when his son's classmate is found brutally
stabbed in the woods near school. When Jacob, Andy's quiet son, is found suspect of the
murder Andy will stop at nothing to prove his innocence.

4 Stars
Light read, but an especially good one. Alice wakes up after a spinning
accident to remember nothing from the last 10 years. 
(i.e. She doesn't remember the birth of any of her 3 kids, her impending divorce, 
or drama with her sister). The life she awakens to is nothing like the one she imagined, 
so a foggy-headed Alice works to remember and also fight for the life she always dreamed of.

2.5 Stars
This was a disappointment...it was compared to Gone Girl, but just didn't hit the mark. 
Jodi, an accepting wife, is tolerant of her husband's flaws...until he takes it too far
and finds himself a father-to-be with one of his mistresses. What will Jodi do
int the face of this challenge? Will she fight for she and Todd or only for herself?

5 Stars
A slower read, but well worth the effort. Tells the stories of Lavinia and Belle. 
Lavinia, an orphaned Irish indentured servant on a Virginia plantation and 
Belle, the young woman, entrusted with the care of Lavinia, 
who prepares delicious meals for the captain and his family from her kitchen house.

And I just started (and am definitely intrigued by) this book:

Have you read any of these books?

If so, what are your thoughts on them?

Do you feel the same way as I do?

Also..do you have any great suggestions for me to read next?

What are you currently reading?

Have a great day!


Go Green!

Happy St. Patty's Day, my little leprechauns!

I hope that whatever you're up to today it's fun and filled with green goodness!

I have some fun activities planned for the kiddies today: We are making leprechaun traps this morning, reading a St. Patrick's Day book, and just might get a special visit from some mischievous leprechauns this afternoon. I heard they are bringing cupcakes and gold coins from the end of the rainbow...

Being that it's my 4 year blogoversary this week, I am attempting to post all 5 days this week. It is crazy to think that for the first 6 or so months blogging I did this without fail. Oh, how times change.

My very third blog post was quite similar to today's actually. You can read it here!

Green is one of my favorite colors so I love the St. Patrick's Day excuse to wear it!

In honor of the holiday, I thought I would wrap up some of my green favorites for you today!

Click on an image in the collage to get the details!

And you can shop even more green things below! I am dying over that green evening gown and am thinking I need an event to wear it to stat!

What are your favorite green things?

How are you showing your holiday spirit today?

Any fun plans?

Being that it's a school night, I will most likely just relax!

Have a great day!

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4 Years Ago Yesterday...

Happy Monday readers!

I am jumping for joy this morning as yesterday marked this blog's 4 year blogoversary!

This space has become sacred to me over the last 4 years. It is a place for me to be completely, honestly me and it is all mine. I can't believe all the twists and turns my life has taken since that very first blog post. I vividly remember returning back to school after spring break and spending a bored night deciding I would start a blog. It was a completely spontaneous decision and I hadn't even really been a blog reader before starting this journey. Little did I know how quickly I would become addicted to the blog world and all it has to offer.

The last year has been a whirlwind (and tough), as y'all know, but it has been a really pivotal year for the blog. On my last blogoversary I relaunched myself as Alexandra Bee Blog and said goodbye to my original identify of "Sundresses and Smiles."

So now, sit back and enjoy a little party for this blog's 4th birthday.

Grab a cupcake and enjoy the party's entertainment...a roundup of my favorite posts from the past year! 

Be sure to check out the ones you've missed:

04/14: Dearest Tory
07/14: BLT Bites
11/14: Holiday Gift Guides: Ladies, Gents, & Stocking Stuffers

I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for Alexandra Bee Blog!

One of the goals I have in the coming year is to boost my followership up to 700+! I'd like to pass a warm welcome to several new followers in the last few weeks and can't wait to make even more friends in this 4th year of blogging!

And PS--- Be sure to checkout Instagram this afternoon for an exciting Instagram only giveaway I'm hosting with several other fabulous ladies! The timing certainly is serendipitous! 

Have a great day!