2018 Holiday Gift Guide: GENTS

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

I am busy busy over here! As mentioned, we are hosting my family for Thanksgiving tomorrow, so preparations are in full swing

I am so glad that you are enjoying the gift guides. 

If you haven't yet, check out the ladies here.

A few notes, before we start. I noticed that last year's guides have gotten some traffic since I posted yesterday. Though I can't guarantee things in those guides will still be in stock or that links will work, they can be accessed here for ladies and here for gents if you want some inspiration. (Hint: if you see an item from last year's gift guide that was repeated again this year that means I really love it!) I've also now set up the "SHOP" tab at the top of my blog to populate with all the items I've saved for Gift Guides, so you'll see there many items I loved but didn't make the cut. I'll continue to add to it throughout the season.

So without further adieu, let's dive into the Gents! As always, Bryce is the inspiration here. This year, though, we took it up a notch and Bryce wrote me a long list of things he loves that have been included. He's really disappointed, however, that I did not include this Churchill biography (under $15), so if your boyfriend/dad/husband/brother is a history buff check it out!

Again, today, many of these links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if you click and a purchase is made. And also again today, I've included comments below with more details about all 31 items, including promo codes for everything that's on sale (including a promo code JUST for Alexandra Bee Blog readers for the cuff links).

Monogrammed Leather Catchall: Bryce has a similar square version in a dark brown he keeps on his dresser, but I am loving the look of this "baseball leather" and shape and size; similar to the tray I posted in the ladies guide yesterday, this catchall can make a collection of items (spare change, collar stays, etc) look tidy; 20% off + free shipping with code FRIENDS
Sunglasses: these are a splurge item, but so well made and stylish; you can see Bryce wearing them dressed up here, dressed down here, and at our wedding here; rarely go on sale and currently 20% off putting them just under $300; they are on major sale in limited quantities here and here; also like this similar more affordable pair at $50 here and this very similar pair under $100 here
Cigar Case: under $15; Bryce has a similar Dunhill cigar case and loves to have it to take to special occasions, like a wedding where he'll share a cigar with the groom; this is a more affordable option and would make a great stocking stuffer; the alligator print is so chic
Lab Ornament: under $10; we have this exact ornament for our tree; dogs are called man's best friend for a reason, so gift a dog ornament
Needlepoint Hat: appeal to his wild and preppy side with a jolly roger needlepoint hat; Bryce has this one, but since not every man is a Deadhead, I chose the jolly roger for the guide; there are options sure to please every man on your list here, though!
Charging Carabiner: this tool is so handy; throw it on a backpack or use it carry your keys and always have a phone charger at hand; 20% off (and under $25) with code FRIENDS
Chef's Knife: repeat alert!; this knife is a splurge, but the best; it is my favorite knife we own and according to Bryce it's all about the Damascus blade; cheers to a gift that will get your man in the kitchen; get it while it's on sale!
Driving Mocs: get them while they're on sale for under $100; every man should have a pair of driving mocs in his wardrobe; they're stylish and comfy; love that Cole Haan is high on style with an approachable price point; I gifted Bryce this crocodile pair for his birthday that are on sale for under $65 and available in limited sizes here  
Party Animal Tie: because every guy needs a Christmas tie; up to 30% off with code GOWILD
Old Glory Blanket: for the patriot in your life that needs a housewarming...literally;  more of a splurge, but currently on sale; similar under $40 here
Custom Nautical Coasters: these make a truly one of a kind gift; made to order - you provide custom chart location(s); brass hardware and green felt on the bottom to protect your table; great price point for such a personalized keepsake
Cologne: Bryce has used this John Varvatos cologne since before we met and it has such a clean and masculine scent
Kanvus Jean: Bryce discovered these this fall and they are a new favorite; they're much softer and I'd say more chino like than a jean; a bit utilitarian/outdoorsy; come in several colors (Bryce has both the gray and khaki); they can be dressed up with a button down (B's fave) and loafers or dressed down with a fishing shirt (B's fave) and boots; Bryce prefers the relaxed fit and finds them to be true to size
Fleece Vest: Bryce wears this at least 3 times a week all fall and winter; comes in 3 colors; he also has a Retro-X version (loving that one in camo here), but prefers this one as it's lighter weight and less bulky, meaning it also packs well when traveling, bonus it's also less expensive than the Retro-X and under $100
Facial Fuel: repeat alert!; under $30; this facial fuel is a light moisturizer and is especially great for the cold winter months when skin dries out
Hunter's Tote Bag: repeat alert!; Bryce was gifted one of these as a groomsman gift last summer and uses it almost exclusively now for travel; it holds SO much and I love that it zips shut and has a strap with padding to carry on your shoulder; Bryce has it in the extra large which is just $55, plus you earn a $10 gift card with any purchase over $50
Adventure Chronograph: love how this orange watch really pops; nylon band ensures it is durable; perfect for the man with an adventurous spirit and bold personality
Pheasant Feather Cufflinks: I gifted Bryce these cufflinks with matching studs for Christmas a few years ago (remember this post?); simply said, they're stunning; made with real pheasant feathers; all York River Traders products have impeccable quality and detail (I've loved partnering with them in the past) and today is your lucky day because Alexandra Bee readers get them for 25% off with code BeeBlog through this Saturday 11/24
Dot Socks: I always gift Bryce at least one pair of J. Crew socks in his stocking and this might be the pair this year, love the dots; 40% off (putting them under $10) with code TOGETHER
Head Lamp: under $30; I don't know how many headlamps Bryce has laying around the house, but they sure do come in handy and Petzl are the best
Tervis Old Fashioned Glass: Tervis tumblers are the best, amirite?; we love the 12-oz old fashioned size for cocktails, especially in the summertime; couldn't resist the Virginia blue crab; set of 4 for under $50
Leather Sunglass Strap: every Southern gent needs a sunglass strap and this leather one is on point; up to 30% off with code GOWILD; Bryce has and loves these which I featured in my gift guide last year (not so stylish, but under $15 and functional)
Hot Pepper Bacon Jam: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach; we were just drooling over this jam yesterday at Fresh Market while choosing jam to serve with our baked brie
Griptilian Knife: this knife was on the list Bryce gave me, when I just asked him what comments I should add he said "Well, it's made by Benchmade which is made in the USA and they're just tough. I carry mine every day."; comes in 8 colors (Bryce has the plain edge silver)
FrostPak Soft Cooler: under $50; we love this cooler!; Bryce has the 12 quart (pictured above) in blue; it's lightweight and perfect for a day on the boat, taking beer or food to a friend's house for dinner, etc; we've checked out the Yeti soft coolers and just don't get the hype, plus they get so heavy; the 12 quart size is convenient and manageable; Bryce also was gifted this soft cooler last year by his boss and recommends it- it's a bit more heavy duty and stylish (less dad-ish, haha), but also more pricey
Foxfire: this book is a classic (my dad gifted Bryce his vintage set); the long title is Foxfire: Hog Dressing, Log Cabin Building, Mountain Crafts and Foods, Planting by the Signs...ie: all the man things; and if you really want to splurge you can get the full 14-book Foxfire series here
Hot Sauce Kit: under $50; Bryce has been on a hot sauce making kick lately after having quite the pepper harvest this year; this kit simplifies the process and would make the perfect gift for any man that need a little spice in his life
Dopp Kit: Bryce is a huge fan of Filson products; they're made in the USA and the quality is top notch; this dopp kit is nylon which makes it both easier to clean and more affordable; speaking of Filson, I ran out of room to feature this log carrier I gave Bryce for Christmas several years ago that he loves 
Cast Iron Skillet: this is a major splurge item, but worth sharing; Bryce has this "roaster" pictured above and this skillet and prefers the roaster I've featured in the guide; they're handcrafted locally in Charlottesville, Virginia; if that price point feels too high, this Staub skillet is great at a mid-range under $100 point, and you can't go wrong with a Lodge skillet for under $30 either
Working Hands: because men need soft hands, too; would make a great stocking stuffer; Bryce swears by this stuff and if you don't trust him, trust the 6,802 5 star reviews
Duck Boots: Bryce has two pairs of these without the shearling lining (which they don't seem to make anymore) and actually prefers this buckle style to the more popular lace up style; they're more comfortable and easier to slip on and off; a classic that will never go out of style or usefulness; do run slightly large order a half size down

So there you have it! All your men's gifting needs covered!

What men are you shopping for this year?

Do you shop ahead, wait for Black Friday, or wait for the last minute?

Have a happy Thanksgiving!