2019 Last Minute Prime Gift Guide

Happy Hump Day!


When I polled to see interest in an Amazon Prime gift guide, y'all overwhelmingly voted yes, so here it is!

Everything in this guide is on Amazon Prime and everything except the Ember Smart Mug is under $50! Do be sure to check on your sizing and color options. I did my best to pick items that were widely available and would deliver in plenty of time for Christmas, but a few items are only available for pre-Christmas delivery in certain colors. Similar to my other guides (Ladies here and Gents here), there are more details, similar options linked, etc below the collage. Also, if in need of more inspiration, check out last year's Last Minute Prime Gift Guide, as many of those items are still available!

These are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission on purchases at no cost to you, which is a nice perk for the hours I spend on each guide. Thank you for shopping!

Blue Light Glasses: just over $20!; I've been dying to order these for myself, as prioritizing and getting ample sleep is my biggest "wellness" challenge; these came recommended by a follower when I talked about blue light glasses on Stories; they're cute, affordable, and have great reviews; could be great stocking stuffer
Waterproof Speaker: under $40!; if you're not following Things I Bought and Liked, you should be; she recommended this waterproof speaker and I was sold- who doesn't love to jam out and sing in the shower?
One Line A Day: under $12; y'all have expressed an interest in gifts for in-laws and I think this would make a great gift for a mom or mother-in-law; the concept is simple- it has a page for every day of the year and on each page there are spaces for that day over 5 consecutive years - great opportunity to reflect and see growth over time or trends in how you're feeling at different times of year
Bee Ornament: couldn't resist featuring this beautiful bee ornament, as I am Alexandra Bee; Old World Christmas has an array of stunning, and sometimes even funny, ornaments though sure to please everyone in your life
Holiday Earrings: under $10!; I've been dying for some festive earrings this season and these definitely fit the bill; also love this six pack of similar studs for just $10.99 that you could purchase and split up to gift to multiple friends, siblings, aunts and cousins, etc
Borsari Salt: under $10!; this salt has changed our cooking game - we originally had it on steak at a friends and immediately went to Whole Foods to buy some of our own; we now put it on everything from meat to roasted veggies and it is a game changer; another great stocking stuffer
Sugar Lip Treatment: this lip treatment is on the pricier side, but so decadent; it leaves lips feeling ultra moisturized and also has a slight tint for some color
Ember Smart Mug: I never make it through a mug of tea or hot chocolate before it gets cold, so I think this smart mug that keeps drinks heated to your exact temperature specifications is genius; at a much lower price point, this Yeti mug would also make a great gift for the coffee lover in your life and is sure to keep drinks hot for a while
Ice Roller: just over $20; another one to follow is Being Bridget and she raves about this ice roller to depuff before events; it has 4.7/5 stars based on 2,639 ratings and I'm dying to try it!
Coconut Snacks: under $20 for a 3-pack you can divvy up; everyone needs some tasty treats in their stocking; I've become hooked on these organic coconut snacks this year; they remind me so much of Samoa Girl Scout cookies, but come with a lot less guilt!
Pearl Tray: just over $40; y'all love Beatriz Ball as much as me and I love this small tray from their giftables line that would be fabulous as a trinket tray; also check out the giftable oyster also under $50
Tortoise Hair Clip: under $10; you can never have enough hair clips like these and I go gaga for anything tortoise; rated 4.9/5 stars based on nearly 50 ratings; great stocking stuffer
Wine Chilling Wands: under $30!; we received these as a wedding gift and love them; you keep them in the freezer and can use them to perfectly chill room temperature wine; have used them for other drinks, as well and even to de-puff thanks to blogger Being Bridget's recommendation (noticed Amazon says that they're frequently purchased together with the ice roller above, likely due to Bridget's recommendation, haha!)
Tie Back Sweatshirt: under $30; I ordered this in cream and live in it and love it so much that I ordered another in black when preparing these guides last night; wear it with workout clothes and also with jeans and booties; many friends have purchased at my recommendation and equally love it, including a pregnant friend who says it's perfect for a bump when sized up one; true to size with a comfy fit
Waffle Maker: currently 60% off and under $50; we received this waffle maker as a wedding gift and love it (just made chocolate chip waffles on Sunday); I think this could be a great in-laws gift, especially if you're in-laws are grandparents as it would be a fun activity with kids
Living Proof Duo & Chic Shower Cap: I'd bundle these together and the total would come to about $65; I'm not exaggerating when I say that Living Proof Dry Shampoo has changed my life; time saved not having to wash my hair daily is huge; I've tried several dry shampoos and hands down this is the best and the volume boost spray is equally amazing; would be a perfect gift for your sister of bestie paired with a chic shower cap inspired by Mrs. Southern Social (also love the striped and abstract floral caps here and here)
Salad Dressing Shaker: under $10; I've shared on Stories my tips for homemade dressing (we never buy premade dressing!) and this shaker gets used multiple times a week in our house; would make a great stocking stuffer or gift bundles with this Mighty Salads cookbook
Silicon Wine Stoppers: under $10 for a set of 4; these would make a great stocking stuffer as a set or divvied up; we have a handful of similar ones we bought at a vineyard years ago and love them; these have great reviews
Rummikub: under $12; Bryce and I both grew up playing Rummikub with our families and y'all always ask about it when I post on Stories; would make a great gift for a family
Nest Holiday Votive: under $20!; when it comes to candles, I'm very picky about scents and rarely like a strong scented candle; this is the one exception and puts me in the perfect spirit; this votive size is affordable and would make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for a teacher or co-worker
Tech Gloves: just $10.99; these unisex gloves are touchscreen friendly, come in multiple colors, and are rated 4.5/5 based on 713 ratings; great stocking stuffer
Thermos: currently 50% off and under $20; Bryce has this thermos and loves it; he uses it to make "special tea" for the duck blind (aka tea spiked with bourbon)
Scout Makeup Pouch: under $30; I've been using Scout products since high school and love the fun prints and durability; this makeup pouch is so cute; also, if in need of a teacher gift, this Scout Pocket Rocket tote was the exact bag I used as a kindergarten teacher and would be great gifted from a class filled with supplies or some of the teacher's favorite things
Hand Cream: under $30; this hand cream finds its way to my stocking nearly every year; it's a little pricey, but is the best...and if you don't believe me, trust the 1,226 reviewers that give it 4.5/5 stars

Shew...that's a wrap!

Hang in there this week!