Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts...even at the last minute!

Happy Hump Day...thank goodness for short work weeks!

Our season of life has changed and we've shifted from weddings to babies. We haven't been to a wedding since December and during that same time, I've been to probably five or six baby showers! A couple weekends ago, as I prepared for one such shower at the last minute, I posted on Instagram Stories sharing my tips for baby shower gifting, registry guidelines, and adding thoughtfulness to gifts. I received such good feedback, as well as additional good tips from followers, and also thought of a few more ideas myself since posting. All that said, I thought it may be helpful and worthwhile to post the content here, too, in a place where it's easier to reference later and for me to direct you to some great gifts online.

First things first, let's talk registries:

  1. They exist for a reason!
  2. When it comes to baby registries, in particular, new mamas spend a lot of time researching, asking friends and family, and choosing what they think is best for their new baby. So, be mindful of the registry and respect their choices.
  3. If you think a registry gift is impersonal or boring, my favorite tip is to select something to gift from the registry, and then select something off registry that complements it. More on this later, but it is the number one way to take your registry, especially last minute registry, gift to the next level and make it feel special.

There are a few exceptions to my "Respect the Registry" rules:

  1. Heirloom Baby Gifts: When you really want to go above and beyond with a baby shower gift (think, a gift for your expectant best friend or sister), you may want to choose an heirloom gift that will be cherished for years to come and even passed down in a family. Top picks for these would be a monogrammed Beaufort Bonnet Co. bonnet, an engraved baby cup, or pewter rattle.
  2. Those Gifts that "Scream" the Mama-to-Be: These gifts are again, reserved for those friends or family members you know so well. They're the gifts that you spy, get giddy about, and say to yourself "That is SO XYZ mama." 
  3. Your Own Tried & Trues: If you're a mama yourself, gifting your tried & true, can't live without baby items, is a great way to "pay it forward." At the most recent baby showers, I've been to, this has been the top "tried & true" gift.
  4. Gifts to Spoil the Mama-to-Be: You won't often find things for the mama on registries, but items that can bring comfort or joy to her during the moments where she feels least comfortable make for very thoughtful gifts.

To avoid completely boring you with more words, let's take a look at some examples, with more detail and explanation provided below.

To elaborate on the above, and provide more gift ideas:
Bonnet and Rattle: These are both great examples of the heirloom gifts I mentioned, and are worth the splurge because they stand the test of time. For something a little more fresh (and also affordable), but still very personalized and special, check out these plates for baby girl and baby boy.
Lamb Blabla Doll and Dalmatian Lovie: As mentioned above, a great way to elevate a registry gift is with a gift that complements, or just adds the cuteness factor, to an otherwise practical gift. I love how whimsical the Blabla Kids line is, and the lamb is a great gender neutral option.  At a lower price point, but still equally sweet, are Angel Dear lovies. We've gifted both of these as congratulatory gifts, as well, when friends have told us they're expecting. Sophie the Giraffe is another great option, here, as is this adorable Avocado Stroller Toy.
Welcome Little One and Birds of a Color Board Books: Similar to the animals above, board books are another great "cherry on top" to add to your otherwise practical gift. I avoid classics, because it's more likely the recipient will receive duplicates of classics. In addition to the two I love and mentioned above, I also really like Press HereI'd Know You Anywhere, My Love, and Jellycat's Touch and Feel board books which come in a whole zoo of animals to fit any theme!
Nose Frida: Practical items, while not always as fun to gift, are guaranteed to be not only used, but appreciated by new mamas! Consult the registry for these, or if you're a mom yourself, gift some of your go-to items! Moms swear by this Nose Frida, which is guaranteed to generate conversation and laughs at showers. Water Wipes are another recent favorite, and Boudreaux's Butt Paste is also quite popular. I like to mix a few inexpensive practical options like these from the registry in with more fun gifts, and they're pretty much always still available at the last minute.  
Baby's Initial Necklace, Charcoal Mask, and Pearl Headband: These gifts are all about spoiling mama! I love the delicate initial necklace that can be worn all the time and layered with other necklaces. I chose to include this one, in particular, because it comes in five length options, as well as in silver, gold and rose gold finishes; can be personalized with multiple initials and symbols like a heart; and also comes in metal options ranging in price from $29.75 to $238. A mask, or other "spa" items like this candle, encourage self care and relaxation during pregnancy. I've been enjoying this charcoal one myself lately, and am also still obsessed and using this rose face cream from my holiday gift guides. Finally, I chose the pearl headband (under $20!) as it has become my go-to for dirty hair days, or days when I just need a little pick-me-up...both days expectant and new mamas are likely to encounter!
Pom Pom Canvas Bin: Finally, presentation is everything. Home Goods is my go-to for gift wrap and bags, but with baby gifts, I often will opt for a basket or bin in lieu of wrapping...bonus points if it's from the registry! Pehr has tons of cute options like the pom pom bin above, which I've actually gifted in the rainbow version from a registry before, filled with "boring" practical registry items like wipes and diaper cream. I also love this woven pom pom option, this diaper caddy, and splurge cloud basket. At the most recent shower I attended, I used this pretty blush pink plastic bin that was just $3.99 and also have had good luck finding options at the Dollar Tree. Fill your basket with tissue paper, or (my personal favorite) crinkle filler, wrap it in a basket bag, and top with a pretty bow! Finally, if you don't have monogrammed enclosure cards, I highly recommend them to save yourself from having to buy cards!

Here's a photo of the formula above in action for the most recent shower I attended (all bought last minute the day of, no less)!

What are your go-to baby shower gifts?

Any dos and don'ts you abide by when gifting?

Have a great day!