Foxfield Weekend!

Happy Monday!

I've decided to put my 1st of the month Africa post on hold a day to share my weekend with you!

It was a fun weekend for sure, but now it's definitely crunch time.  In the next 8 days I have a paper and 3 group projects due, 3 exams, and my Student Teaching Orientation.  I will still post every day this week and do my best to read your blogs when I take study breaks, but if my commenting is less than usual, don't take it personally.

Friday night I headed to Final Fridays at the UVA Art Museum with my resident, MTE.  It was so fun, there was a live band, beer and wine, and lots of hors d'oeuvres all free for students.  We perused the art (the current exhibits were:  Southern Views/Southern Photographers, Andy Warhol's Society Portraits, and  Excavating New Ground (American Art in the 1970s)) and enjoyed feeling "cultured".

Allie and MTE

Afterwards, another resident, CES, joined us, and we headed to The Backyard for dinner and to check out the Vineyard Vines Spring Tour.  I got a koozie and new whale sticker!  

CES, Allie, MTE

Foxfield on Saturday was by far my favorite of all 4 years.  The weather was perfect in the 70s with sunshine, a nice breeze, and no humidity.  I had planned to maybe make a bet or two using Main Line Sportsman's tips, but in the fun of the day I never got around to it!


We mixed with Sigma Chi this year and as usual it was quite the day of celebration by UVA students!

Our plot during the National Anthem

The dress I wore was the Lilly Whit Shift in Skye Blue Exbloomsion.  I saw the dress online over Spring Break and knew I had to have it.  The ladies at The Pink Palm were so helpful.  They were completely sold out of the dress in Cville, but they called all the other stores to track it down.  There was only one left in my size and it was on hold.  They put a second hold on the dress for me and we crossed our fingers.  3 days later I got a call saying the dress was in, I tried it on and LOVED it!  I paired it with a white floppy hat.  I must note that the hat was tough to see in, so I spun it around to make walking/seeing easier.  Don't judge the goofy look!

My friend REN was decked out!

AMF and Allie

Allie and LPC

CLP and Allie

One funny tidbit I thought y'all would like to hear is that I now have a thick tanline on my forearm from where my bangles rested most of the day while carrying my purse!

What did you do this weekend?

Also...can you believe it-- Osama Bin Laden is DEAD!  

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