FREE-- that's how I'm feeling on this Monday morning!  I had my two toughest finals Thursday and Friday and then some more projects and assignments to finish up.  I worked hard to get everything finished this weekend, have turned in a few things early, and am now DONE with my fourth year!

This weekend, involved some much needed R&R and also a little bit of celebration.

Saturday, I treated myself to some pampering and got a manicure and pedicure.

My Cajun Shrimp toenails!

Saturday night, one of my favorite sorority sisters CAS and I had a late Cinco de Mayo celebration.  We were both in Ethics & Human Rights in International Relations together this semester which was a BEAR of a class.  Our exam was Friday, so we decided to celebrate being done with the class by going out for some Margaritas and Mexican food!

CAS and Allie at El Puerto!

Sunday night, my best friend here at UVA, AMF and I decided to go to a nice dinner in honor of four years of friendship and college.  We met at 1st Year Orientation and I can't imagine my life without her!

We ate at Duner's, a restaurant I'd been dying to try for a while now.  The restaurant had a cozy, quiet atmosphere and a friendly staff.  I had the Grilled Rib Eye Steak with Herb Demi-glace and Mashed Potatoes!  It was DELICIOUS, the flavor of the steak was out of this world!


Allie and AMF

Finally, today I am getting  a massage!  I usually treat myself to a massage or other spa treatment at the end of each semester.  Well, for Christmas, one of my best friends ALG gave me a gift card for a massage which I have been saving up to use.  I am so pumped for an hour and a half of relaxation!

How do you unwind and reward yourself after a long semester or week at work?  

What did you do this weekend?