Crozet Pizza

Rain, rain, and more rain!  That is what the last few days have been like here in Cville.  Yesterday morning I walked to class during a THUNDERSTORM!  I left my rain boots in Richmond.  Luckily, I'm staying in my friend LPC's apartment during summer school and was able to borrow her Hunters.  After the 20 minute walk to class I was soaked...water had fallen into my boots and my socks were drenched as were my shorts.  It was a pretty miserable morning.  As I was sitting in class, cold and wet, all I could think of was: going home, taking a hot shower, putting on dry clothes and indulging in a good meal.

I texted my friend JSS who is here doing research for the summer and asked if she wanted to go to Crozet Pizza for dinner.  Crozet is a short drive through the country from grounds and Crozet Pizza is a must-visit!

The restaurant is family owned and opened in 1977.  They still use a dough recipe created by Karen Crum, one of the original owners in the early '70s, and it has the most delicious seasoning!  It has been recognized as the best pizza by many popular publications:  
  • National Geographic's "Best in World"
  • Foder's Travel Guide's "Best in State" and "Best in USA"
  • Washington Post's "A Destination Restaurant" and "Road Trip"
If I haven't mentioned it before, pizza is one of my weaknesses.  At Crozet Pizza, the pies are made to order and every topping on your pie is cooked and cut to bake per order--you can literally watch as they make it!

I ordered a cheese pizza with pepperoni and basil.  JSS ordered a white pizza with feta, spinach, and broccoli.

my DELICIOUS pizza!

The restaurant was built in a condemned building and has a homey, eclectic feel!

If you can't read it, the picture in the doorway says:  "HIPPIES USE SIDE DOOR"

the original booth and bulletin board accompanied by tons of notes and business cards tacked onto the walls over the years!

We thought it would be appropriate to take a pic in the original booth!

Are you a pizza fan?  Do you have any favorite restaurants like these where you live?