Wedding Belles

Saturday morning I got a text from my friend LPC saying:

"i know you just got this email too--kate spade wedding collection. enough said."  

And boy was she RIGHT!  If I haven't mentioned it before, I ADORE Kate Spade.  She is by far my favorite handbag designer and I'm also a huge fan of her jewelry, sunglasses, clothes, and home collection.  It's love...

the email

I'm nowhere near getting married...don't even have a boyfriend--BUT, a girl can dream, right?  Well that's just what I did!  Below are some of my favs!

How perfect would these be under my wedding gown?

Something blue? YES PLEASE!

Wouldn't my bridesmaids be lovely in this?

I'd wear this on the Honeymoon, somewhere warm and tropical, of course!

insert sexy hubby and me here...honeymoon bliss!

Now I just need to find Mr. Right...

You can check out Kate's whole "Wedding Belles" Collection, here!  

What are your favorites?  Any fun memories from your wedding day?