Crazy for Callahans

Happy Hump Day everyone!

It should come as no surprise to y'all that I love Lilly's Callahan Short, because really...Lilly can do no wrong in my book!

I'd always been a J. Crew chino kind of gal (I've got close to 10 pairs of the shorts), but last summer I found myself feeling less and less satisfied with J. Crew's chino shorts.  The 5" look awkward on my 5'3 body, so I always used to buy the 3".  Last summer though, I felt myself pulling them down to make them longer constantly, and let's be honest--after wearing them for just a little while they get the worst wrinkles and all bunched up which makes them even shorter!

At the end of the summer I came across Lilly's Callahan short, though!  I bought an aqua pair on sale and fell in love!  I pulled them out for the first time of the season on Monday (paired with a white eyelet cami and white Jacks), so naturally I thought it would be appropriate to post about them.

Aren't they a great color?

What I love about the Callahan shorts are:  
  • Their 5" inseam is a little longer, but the cut is not awkward on my shorter body
  • The material is a little softer than the J. Crew chino and they are SO much more comfortable
  • They wrinkle way less than J. Crew chinos. 
Fun shorts are one of my go-to summer staples.  When I'm running around all day with the Cuties, comfort is key, but I still want to look cute.  What I love about the Callahans is that you can pull them on with a plain tee shirt or tank and you're set!  

These Callahans are now on my summer wishlist:

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the crisp look of white shorts.  These might need to replace my white J. Crew chinos!

I have been obsessing over this print for a while now, so I think the shorts would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe!

Multi Minnie Zinny-- say that 5 times fast!

In middle and high school I had a pair of pale pink shorts I lived in!  Eventually I had to get rid of them, because they were so worn, BUT I think these would be the perfect replacement!

Who doesn't love a fun a green print?  

Are you a fan of the Callahan short?  What are your favorite Lilly products?