Gold Digger

Yep, you heard right-- I'm digging for gold--sandals, that is!  I've been wanting a pair of gold Jack Rogers for a while now and think that I'm finally going to take the plunge and buy a pair as a little present to myself at the end of finals.  Recently, though, I've been considering some other options and I thought I would ask your opinions.

Option 1:  Jack Rogers Navajo, $98

  • Pros:  I love them, so cute and classic.  I have a white pair and a bronze pair and both have lasted for more than 4 years and are still in great shape!
  • Cons:  Let's be honest, Jacks are not really that comfortable and for someone whose on her feet as much as I am, that's something to take into consideration

Option 2:  Sam Edelman Gigi, $59

  • Pros:  I have these in silver and have worn them a ton!  They look great under white jeans and are definitely more comfortable than Jacks.  Also, the cheapest of the 3 options.
  • Cons:  I feel like they are the trendiest of the 3 options and might not be popular down the road.

Option 3:  Lilly Pulitzer McKim, $138

I'm still kicking myself for not getting them for $35 during the Lilly Rue La La sale last week!

  • Pros:  My friend ALG has a few pairs of these and says they are super comfortable.  I don't have any McKims so they would add some variety to my shoe collection.  And finally, they are such a classic style that I'll be able to wear them for years.
  • Cons:  I'm just not sure if I like them enough to justify the hefty pricetag.

What do y'all think?  Any other suggestions?

As a side note, this Friday my blog will be one month old!  If I can get to 200 or more followers by Thursday night I will host my first giveaway Friday!