Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

Happy Monday y'all!

Can you believe Easter is only 3 weeks away?

Do any of you remember this Peter Cottontail song?

I sure hope Mr. Cottontail brings me a fun basket full of goodies.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for, because, it involves lots of bright pastel colors.  My college room is lacking in the Easter decoration department, but my parents did recently send me some of my favorite Easter Peanut M&Ms and I decided to use them as a decoration:

Isn't this cute??

I originally bought that mason jar from one of my favorite stores, World Market, to use as a flower vase, but with my hectic schedule, it's tough to keep fresh flowers, so I opted to use it for candy instead.

Wasn't this lovely?

Now it will have to suffice as a candy jar...

If I had a spot for a wreath, I really would love one of these:

Additionally, when I was in pre-K and Kindergarten, my school had an annual Easter bonnet parade.  If I haven't mentioned it before, my dad is very creative and also likes to be the best.  Well needless, to say, my Easter bonnets always stole the show.  Someday I plan to use them as decorations in my home.  I think the bunny one will be a great centerpiece on my future dining room table! (Special thanks to my mom venturing to the attic and getting these down for me to share with you!)

In need of a few touch-ups, but looking good after 17 years!

Can you imagine little Kindergarten Me balancing this on my head during the parade?!?

What are your favorite things about Easter?  How do you decorate for this Spring holiday?


  1. I posted a few pics of my Easter stuff last week for {semi} WW.
    I will be out of town for 10 days prior to Easter so i think I I'm DONE:)
    Until I go to Pottery Barn today, then I may have more to add, ha!

    Love the idea of the jar with candy, I love World Market too,

    Have a great week,

  2. Love, Love your hats. Those are amazing!

    Candy is good. I love jellybeans.

  3. When I was little, I used to wear these super-girly bonnets and poofy, lacey dresses every Easter. The lacier, poofier and pinker the better!
    That candy jar idea is super cute. :)

  4. That jar of candy would not last til Easter if it was around me. Yum yum yum.

  5. how great is Easter candy?!? those bonnets are adorable!

  6. I love world market and what a better way to use candy than for decorating! Kill 2 birds with one stone! Happy Monday!

  7. I love that song. It reminds me of my Nana. She use to sing it to us grandkids when were little. I bought the cutest wreath from WM. It is a simple straw wreath with a bunny peeking out from the bottom half. WM has the best stuff. I love this time of year (minus the pollen).

    Have a great week!

  8. I love Easter and being able to dress up in adorable Easter dresses. Not to mention, the candy is delicious!

  9. Those hats are amazing! I love that little candy jar--it's too cute! I don't think I could have that jar of candy in my room though, I would definitely be eating those yummy m&ms all day!

  10. I can't even look at those pastel M&M's. I want Lent to be over! I need Easter candy ;)

  11. Hello! Thanks for stopping by!! I cannot believe that it is already April!! Wow, how time flies!!

    Your blog is super cute and I love your header picture..your hat is amazing!!

    Have an amazing Monday!

  12. Thanks for stopping by! Your post is getting me SO excited for Easter and Spring. That Pottery Barn wreath is too cute!

    happy monday :)

  13. Very cute... love the jar w/ the candy displayed. Thanks for stopping by Inspired Design... I am now following you! xo

  14. Oh goodness, you are just adorable! I love all of these.

  15. World Market is my down fall! So much delicious chocolate...yum.

  16. I sing that song to my son, I love it. We have a few bunny's to put out and the kids have monogrammed gingham easter baskets I set out!

  17. I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award on my blog!!


  18. Those hats are just adorable! I always look forward to my Mom's easter basket she still sends me-even though I'm 31!

  19. I just came across your blog, not sure from where though! But yay for Southern belles and bloggers from the South!!!

  20. Thanks so much for becoming a follower! That made my day! I would love for you to do the book club when you get some time!

  21. Can't believe that it's almost Easter! I'm a new follower of your blog and would love for you to come over and visit when you get a chance: http://sallyleebythesea.com

  22. i'm soo excited for easter:) loved seeing these decorations and video. super cute.

    love the blog-it's my first time visiting, i'll def. be back:(
    come visit me?

  23. i love easter! when i was little, my mom&dad would get empty the eggs for us..and we would paint/draw on em and fill em up with conffetti then crack'em on eachothers heads on easter! hehehe. this easter will be extra special, as i am getting baptised too :)

    hope you get a chance to swing by my blog! i have a rad bikini giveaway going on & it's super easy! ^.^ xo

  24. Love the candy idea! I love Easter colors!!!!

  25. I'm ready for Easter!! how exciting.

  26. Hi- Just found your blog through the Puttin' on the GRITS giveaway and I love it (especially your candy idea). Please check out my blog if you haven't already haymarketdesigns.blogspot.com

  27. I totally forgot about Easter M&Ms! I used to love those as a kid. I like the Reese's peanut butter eggs too :)

    New follower of your blog. Its really cute!


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