Wedding Inspiration

Hello Old Friends!

Remember little old me?

I can't believe this is just my second time posting in 2017! The window for a new year's post has come and gone, as has the window for a SIX year blogoversary post, BUT, my wedding is still 24 days away, so I don't think I've missed the window for a wedding inspiration post.

First things first, though, I can't say I haven't missed this space: I've missed it dearly, but when planning my new year's post that never was, I decided 2017 was going to be a year of, dare I say, apathy? No...that's not quite right, how about imperfection? Acquiescence? Unapologetic-ness?

You see, I think a part of the reason I never wrote that post was because, I couldn't find the right word to embody my goal for the year. I really wanted to choose one definitive word to drive my year ahead, yet, every word I came up with had a negative connontation. Let me tease it out for you. These words that came to mind - apathy, imperfection, acquiescence, unapologetic-ness - what they meant to me for 2017 was being more carefree, less of a perfectionist, accepting my limits, and not feeling bad about it.

I've never been shy in sharing that I'm a perfectionist (in fact, I mentioned it in one of my very first blog posts here), and while I think being a perfectionist has it's positives, it's also just plain exhausting!

As I embarked upon 2017, I knew that I'd have to be willing to cut myself some slack to stay sane whilst planning a wedding in six months, and managing a new job, that has been a great "career" move, but not the best "life" move.

All that being said, I never intended to abandon the blog to the extent I did, but it's one of the many balls I've had to decide not to juggle these last several months. I do miss the creativity, therapy, and connections blogging brings, but am grateful that I've been able to be an "Instagram-blogger" during my absence here.

So, unapologetically, that's where I've been. I'm hoping to be back more soon, but make no promises. I have lots of blog posts in the "queue," but then again this post has been in the queue, 75% written, since January. Apathy, imperfection, acquiescence, unapologetic-ness.

So without further adieu, here's my wedding inspiration post. I'm not going to adjust it too much from it's original version in January, but have a huge grin now at just how much I've accomplished since then. Pat on my own back? Don't mind if I do!

As you know, our engagement has been just over 6 months. I initially worried I might be crazy for choosing to have a short engagement, but things have all come together quite perfectly, albeit quickly!

If any of you are considering a shorter engagement I say go for it...if you already know what you want. For me, let's be real, Bryce and I have been together nearly six years, so I've been planning my wedding for years! It's really been just a matter of getting my ducks in a row and bringing my vision to life.

To set the backdrop, I'll first share our venue, the venue I've dreamed of for years: Tuckahoe Plantation. Not only is it the boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson himself, but it's also less than 20 minutes outside the city of Richmond, and just minutes from where I grew up! As you can imagine, it books up far in advance, so when June 3 was available I felt like it was fate! The crepe myrtle lined ceremony site is utterly gorgeous and reason enough to get married there (see here). We will have our cocktail hour in their main gardens, followed by a tented reception in front of the house itself. I am so giddy with excitement just typing these plans I've anticipated for so long!

Now what is this wedding I've been planning for years, you ask?

Let me show you...

When describing my wedding to vendors, friends, etc, I have shared that I envision a classic Southern garden soiree, but with a modern, fresh, and somewhat whimsical spin! Y'all know when it comes to fashion and interior design, I'm classic and traditional...with a twist...and I envision no less for my wedding day itself. Our colors are lilac and green with black, white, and gold accents. Oysters are also a bit of a theme. 

When I first wrote this post, I initially had drafted a "nitty gritty" section where I dove into a more detailed description of the different elements, but now that the wedding is so near, I'd rather let the specifics remain a surprise. I will share, however, that much of the inspiration board you see above remains on point with our final plan.

Any guesses what elements from the board will, or will not, be a part of our big day on June 3?

Have a great day!