Charm Bracelets

Happy Friday friends!

Any big weekend plans?  Tonight I have a girls' night planned with some fun ladies!  Tomorrow I have another meeting related to the non-profit I'm working on with some incredible people (more details coming, I promise!) and Sunday, my god-brother's first child, a daughter, is being baptized!

Today, I wanted to share with you my love for charm bracelets.  Charm bracelets date back to the time of ancient Egypt.  The type of charm bracelets popular today, however, emerged during the era of World War II.  At this time, soldiers who were leaving the States would give their sweeties little handmade charms representing things from everyday life.

I started my first charm bracelet when I was 13.  One of my parents' best friends, who is like a second mother to me, gave me a charm bracelet for my 13th birthday with two charms on it:  A number 13, and a gorgeous Topaz charm (my birth stone).  Since then, I have accumulated enough charms to heftily fill two bracelets.  These bracelets are so special to me, because they have been bought by loved ones and represent many special times and parts of my life.

My bracelets:  the top one is the one I received on my 13th birthday!

Can you see the original "13" charm?

The second one!

Each charm is very special, but I do have a few favorites!  
  • A few Christmases ago my grandmother gave all of my cousins and me charms from her mother's charm    bracelet.  One of the charms I received from my great-grandmother's bracelet is the  silhouette of a little boy with "MIKE 8-7-59" engraved on it and a little baby's booty attached.  My great- grandmother got that charm when my dad was born and I think it is so special to now have it on my bracelet.
  • Another favorite is my charm of a dogwood flower.  The dogwood is Virginia's state flower and that charm represents my deep love for my home state.
  • Many of my charms are nautical related; I have a crab, starfish, boat; anchor; and lighthouse to name a few.  Having grown up on the water, all of these charms have great significance to me.  Boating is my favorite thing to do in the whole world and I feel most at home when I am on the water.
  • I also have many Christian charms:  a Cross, Bible, and praying girl.  I have avoided talking much about religion on this blog, because I personally am still trying to figure out my beliefs, however I was raised Catholic and the church has played a large role in my life and in who I am today.
  • Finally, the original Topaz charm is also one of my favorites.  The stone is centered in the most intricate silver, loopy frame.  Not only is it beautiful and reminds me of who first started my charm bracelet, but that charm also has broken twice.  Both times, I have recovered the charm and my uncle (who is a jeweler) has repaired it, so that too makes it meaningful to me.
I think charm bracelets are such a special piece of jewelry for any lady to have in her collection.  Not only do they represent the owner personally, but they are ever evolving and something that you can one day pass on to a daughter or grand daughter.

Do you own a charm bracelet?  What are some of your pieces of jewelry that are most special to you?

Have a great weekend!