Reminder: Blog Book Discussion

Happy Friday, my friends!

Today I have just a short post for you. Last night I was busy getting everything done in time to make it to a girlfriend's for the season premiere of Grey's (are any of you fans as well?) and didn't have the usual time I put into my posts.

That being said, all I have for you today is a reminder:

I wanted to remind you all of the blog book discussion I introduced during August's installment of African Aspirations (see here).  The book we will be discussing is Ishmael Beah's A Long Way Gone.

I announced the discussion nearly two months ago to ensure I would have plenty of time to read the book, and....guess what?  I just started!  So have no fear--if you are just reading about this discussion and want to join in, you still have time!  The book is a quick read and really sucks you in!  The discussion questions and my responses will be posted Monday, October 3.  Additionally, I will have a link-up for you to add your posts and answers, as well as other thoughts/reflections you may have.  I will post the discussion questions on my Facebook page (here) by next Friday!   

To read the full directions, click here!

Have a great weekend---much of mine will be spent READING!