Needlepoint Flats

Happy Tuesday readers!

Today is a big day for student teaching--my teacher is gone all day so I will be the full-time teacher, all day by myself, for the first time!  Wish me luck!

Today, I have a new discovery to share with you!  A few nights ago as I was doing some "online window shopping," I came across a new obsession:  needlepoint ballet flats.

Be prepared to swoon...

If I haven't mentioned it yet..I LOVE a good animal print!

I'm picturing these with cute fall skirts!

The pairing of the powder blue with this sassy zebra print is to die for, if you ask me!

These would be so cute paired with jeans and a plain black top!

To browse the other styles, click here!

And for your mini-me, they even make needlepoint baby booties!

I'm buzzing over these precious bee baby booties!

What do you think?  Would you wear needlepoint ballet flats or think needlepoint should be left to pillows and belts?

Have a great day!