Oh, Blue & White!

Happy Thursday readers!  I am counting down the hours until the weekend!  It has been a long week and I am ready for a break and also to see Bryce (he gets home from Massachusetts just in time for a dinner date tomorrow night!).

Today I bring you Student Teaching Guest Post #4.  Tina, from The Enchanted Home agreed to write a post about our shared love for blue and white in decor!  Her blog is like flipping through your favorite design magazine and she is also SO sweet!  Enjoy!

Good morning! First a thank you and shout out to Allie for asking me here, I so enjoy her blog, isn't she just the sweetest? And so pretty too!  I love visiting her daily and seeing what her beautiful eye has found or what she has done for the weekend! She is one classy girl and I love her beautiful taste and sense of style. We both agreed it would be great for me to do a post on a subject near and dear to my heart...blue and white! Its no secret to anyone who knows me that I love, adore and covet all things blue and white. 
Besides it being elegant, timeless, fresh, crisp, refined, welcoming, pretty, charming it is above all else an incredibly versatile color duo that can rock its magic in an uber formal home as much as it can in a more contemporary counterpart. Whether its blue and white chairs, walls, blue and white porcelain accessories, a blue and white rug, blue and white reigns supreme in my eyes! So today a few examples in different styles of rooms that I think beautifully exemplify why this combination just works so well! Do you agree?

How pretty is this setting? LOVE it! Monroes bistro

Blue and white porcelain look so elegant against rich warm woods as done by Joseph Minton
Love the blue and white checkerboard backsplash.....Country Living
Blue and white can be so pretty when paired with whites and neutrals, Massucco Warner and Miller Designs
Navy and white in a bedroom is always a winning combination....Seaside style
How great looking is this blue and white jar wallpaper? Guess who.....Ralph Lauren!
Blue and white is so beautiful against timelessly elegant dark wood, HB
Its so charming how the blue and white accents liven up this pretty neutral kitchen, Alamodeus
Such a pretty combination for outdoor entertaining inspiration, Carolyn Roehm
Love the blue and white in this elegant setting, Kellogg
Really like the elegant and coastal vibe on these beds, Coastal Living
For an outside party, blue and white is the perfect compliment to natures green
Amazing what a pop of navy can do to a simple white bathroom! HGTV
Blue and white accessories are the perfect touch in this stunning kitchen, Downsview
Blue and white is always dramatic in a neutral toned room..love this! William Eubanks
Blue and white is as beautiful outside as it is indoors! Veranda
Ashley Whitaker used a pair of blue and white garden seats in this pretty transitional space
This crisp elegant coastal room by Sherill Canet is spectacular in navy and white
Always thought this bathroom is so very pretty with the elegant accents in navy and white, T.Keller Donovan
Think this small space is so beautifully done, love the fabric! Maryn Lawrence Bullard
So that's my wrap up for blue and white...truth is I could keep going and going and going, it never gets old and I never stop being inspired by it. What are your thoughts on blue and white? Thanks so much Allie again for having me here! It was a pleasure!

Have a great day!