Happy Thursday readers!

I don't know about y'all, but I am ready for the long weekend!

Today I thought I would link up with Annie and Natalie for Thoughts for Thursday. My thoughts today are going to be confessional style. These posts are so fun to read for me, so hopefully you'll enjoy!

I confess I just don't get the Beyonce thing. Be yonce, Queen Bey....I just don't get it! Sure, she's an amazing entertainer, but so are a lot of people. And I really don't get the "You have just as many hours in your day as Beyonce." To be quite honest, I bet I could achieve a lot in my day if I had the staff and means she does. I'm not a Beyonce hater, but I just don't get the obsession. Is there something I'm missing?

I confess I'm having a love-hate relationship with the upcoming summer months. I'm disappointed in myself for not sticking to my New Year's fitness goals...I blame the flu for derailing my progress...and am just not ready to put on a bathing suit. (I have been running 3x a week the last 3 weeks though, woohoo!). I also am feeling overwhelmed as the calendar gets so full. Whenever I'm overbooked it makes me feel like that time is lost. Can y'all relate? We have events the first 3 weekends in June, which makes me feel like July is already here.

Speaking of fitness, I confess I might be catching the running bug. I'm still using my "Running for Weight Loss" app, and don't get me wrong, the running/workout part itself is pretty miserable, BUT, I love the sense of achievement I feel afterwards and find myself actually wanting to go for my runs. Any tips for a rookie runner like me?

I confess I'm having major wanderlust. My Charleston trip was wonderful, but so jam packed. I want a leisurely vacation with Bryce. We're due for a getaway, just the two of us, but scheduling it is proving difficult (ie: my summer confession above).

I confess I am loving Blue Apron! My friend Emily sent us a free shipment last week and we really enjoyed the meals! I love that the ingredients are fresh and responsibly sourced, and that there is no food waste. I can't stand throwing food away! I also confess, I am really loving that it means way less grocery shopping. Have I mentioned how much I loathe grocery shopping?

I confess I am really liking only washing my hair every 2-3 days...thanks for all the dry shampoo recommendations. Batiste (original scent) seems to be doing the trick. I'm wondering though..could the dry shampoo product build-up be just as bad as shampooing every day?

I confess I am really missing being such a bookworm. I'm just too tired to read these days, it seems. Whenever I do get around to reading at night, I can't seem to get past 4 or 5 pages before dozing off. I got 3 books from the library yesterday and am hoping to get some poolside reading in this weekend. I started the thriller Pretty Girls last night, and at least the first few pages seemed really good!

Speaking of being tired, I confess that my exhaustion is totally my own fault. Bryce travels so much for work, and then I often have different social events and obligations after work, so when we have downtime home together at night, we tend to stay up way later than we should. I also battle insomnia occasionally, and the lack of a regular bedtime probably only perpetuates that problem. We need to be better about having a bedtime.

I confess I have still not fully unpacked my spring and summer clothes! I got them from my parents house when I was there for Easter...ya know...TWO MONTHS ago! The bags have just been sitting on our bedroom floor and I've been pulling things out of the bags, albeit sometimes wrinkled, as I want to wear them. I blame the lack of closet space.

I confess I'm a stickler for grammar, and cringe when I see a glaring error that I've made on this blog. I initially titled this post, "Five on Friday: Mark & Graham ADDITION." I was mortified as soon as I realized my mistake and immediately changed it to the proper "Edition." Don't even get me started when I realize I've mistyped a there/their/they're or realize an error much later after many of y'all have read and commented!

My recent confessions, friends!

Can you relate to any of mine?

Do share yours in the comments!

Have a great day!


  1. I havent been on the reading train lately either and I want to be, I just haven't found any books that I'm desperate to read. Hoping that changes soon. And I feel the same way when we get plans made and months are jam packed. It feels like it just flies by!

  2. I totally get the Beyonce thing. I'm more of a vintage Britney gal myself. Although I do enjoy All The Single Ladies. I wish I was more of a runner. Unfortunately I'm too slow haha. Good for you running 3x a week!

  3. Omg, SAME on the Beyonce issue. Couch25k got me hooked on running about 7 years ago! I like training for halfs because it's a longer race/goal to work toward, but not something that sucks up an unmanageable amount of time (unmanageable for me, anyway) like a full marathon.

  4. I'm loving these confessions and I completely agree on the Beyonce thing! I don't get the hype either! I'd much rather hear some great country music any day :)

  5. I feel you on Beyoncé. I like most of her songs but the constant Beyoncé love makes no sense to me. Like you said, she has a huge staff which most of us do not.

    I find if I sign up for a race, even a 5k, I feel super motivated to keep running and working out. Have you tried that?

    My dry shampoo of choice is the DryBar brand. I use the brunette but they have an all colors one that would probably work for you!

  6. I can relate to a lot of these! A busy calendar stresses me out. Right now I only have a few free weekends all summer... I'm starting to protect them! I LOVE reading but have the same problem when I read at night... I have to read in the afternoon or by the beach to not doze off!

  7. So I love Destiny's child but I don't love Beyonce. I just don't get the obsession! Before I had kids I was a huge runner and I'm slowly getting back into it. My biggest suggest is to just keep going. I never understood what a runners high was until I trained for my first half marathon and finally realized that there is a moment when running just becomes easier and easier. I loved using Hal Higdon's training plans. I just found them online and found them easy to follow. Also make sure you're running in the right shoes! Get fitted for shoes at a running store- it makes a world of difference. I was staying up way too late too and it was putting me in the worst mood with the kids. I try to set a goal to be in bed before 10- I don't have to be asleep but just be in bed reading or watching tv. I think that's been helping me a lot. The summer months are harder when you're busy and it's light out later.

  8. Love these posts! I feel ya on the bedtime thing, I use to be so good about getting to bed at a specific time and that has just totally gone out the window lately and I'm left feeling exhausted. Not to mention Sully's sickness woke us up at odd times too lately. Here's to getting back on track!

    Erin, Attention to Darling

  9. I am SO with you on Beyoncé, especially the you have as many hours as Beyoncé thing. What does Beyoncé do in those hours? She doesn't play an instrument and I don't think she writes her own music and she has a full staff. It really irks me, she's not that aspirational! Plus, she was on Punked back in the day and they pretended she knocked over a Christmas tree for needy children and honestly, she didn't even care. I feel very strongly about this haha.

    I want to get back into reading, too. My local library does the summer reading program for adults now so I think I'm going to sign up to hold myself accountable!

  10. I feel you on almost all of these! I didn't even realize people were so obsessed with Beyoncé. She is talented, but I don't get it. Definitely not ready for summer. I haven't even found my summer clothes, and when I do, I don't think most of it will fit. I need to get into running!

  11. I really liked Pretty Girls but it was more graphic/disturbing in certain parts than I was expecting. A good mystery though!

    I want to get back into running but I am so tired by the end of the day and I am not a morning runner (tried it and didn't like it). Hopefully I can run at night this summer when it stays lighter out for longer

  12. I don't get Beyonce either. She seems like a spoiled brat.

    I am with you on not feeling summer ready. After the wedding all hell broke loose with my diet. I work out 4 days a week, but the diet is out of control. Sticking to one these next few weeks. Starting with giving up sugar.

    I haven't tried Blue Apron, but I have tried Hello Fresh. I have heard from people who do both they like Hello Fresh better. All of the meals have been great so far! I do want to try BA next.

  13. Love this! The running bug is a real thing, I have again and can't complain! Isn't Blue Apron fabulous?! Xo, Stephanie

  14. Totally with you on the Beyonce thing... thought I was the only one!! And I wholeheartedly agree with your Batisse obsession; it changed my hair routine too- love it!!

  15. I'm always so behind doing the closet switches too - I just let the clothes sit because I dread doing it but then once I'm into it it's not that bad - I finally got ours finished last week so you're not too behind!

  16. 100% agree on the Beyonce confession! I just don’t get it for all the reasons that you said!

  17. I am 100% with you on the running thing. I don't love running, but I love the feeling after! Also, I have the same troubles with my calendar. DG doesn't travel a lot, but he's so busy in the afternoons with coaching, that I book things for myself too. I am constantly battling me time versus working out. xo, Champagne&Suburbs


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