Happy Friday readers!

It's been a busy, long week over here!

I've been wanting to recap our weekend all week, and now that the new weekend is here, I guess it's as good a time as any!

Last weekend was a fun one for the books! The highlight of the weekend was probably puppy-sitting Bryce's parents new pup, Beau! He is the cutest, sweetest little yellow lab and it makes me so excited for when we will have a lab puppy of our own! We are currently on the list for a litter that should be born in the next few weeks. A few people are ahead of us, and we want a black female, so fingers crossed that it all works out!

Side note: I have been living in this T. Marie necklace I bought while in Charleston. 
Tiffany, the designer behind the fabulous necklace is an Atlanta native and was a fellow Southern C Summit attendee! Also, these coral jeans I bought last summer in NYC are a wardrobe staple (I wear them about once a week!) and are currently WAY marked down, here!

After feeding and playing with Beau for a bit, we headed down to the newly opened Quirk Hotel Rooftop to celebrate our friend Greylan's birthday!

The views of the city were absolutely incredible, and the rooftop had a bit of a beachy, cool vibe! Most of us in the group are Richmond natives and kept saying "I don't feel like I'm in Richmond!" We've seen our city grown and change a lot in these last few years! 

I sipped on a couple of Hummingbird cocktails, which I would highly recommend, and then we, with most of the group, headed next door for a delicious dinner at Graffiato.

Saturday  morning we were up with Beau bright and early and headed to the South of the James Farmers Market! It was our first visit since this fall, and I was excited to see that the market has expanded this year!

Beau was a trooper his first time at the  market and it was so fun showing him off! We picked up some yummy local arugula, mushrooms, and honey! I also grabbed some pretty flowers to take to my mom for her birthday. 

Finally, we ate a quick bite before heading home! We tried out the Southern Charm BBQ stand, and were not disappointed! This BBQ bowl with smoked cheddar grits was on point! We also couldn't resist sharing a Mrs. Yoder's donut...they are our favorite of all Richmond donuts! Local friends, they now have TWO food trucks at the market, making the donut line much more bearable!

After the market, we got to work in the kitchen! My mom's birthday was on the 15th and we were headed to my parents that evening to celebrate. I had offered to bring both a salad and cake. I fixed my go-to arugula and quinoa salad (recipe here) and tried a new cake recipe! It was a hit, and I will be sharing soon!

I clearly still need a little practice when it comes to the chocolate ganache icing, but, nobody complained about that yummy pool of chocolate!

Sunday was low-key. We took the pooch for a walk, I got a run in, and we did lots of yard work! Our front bushes were in dire straits and Bryce's mom was nice enough to gift us some boxwoods! We dug out the old bushes, weeded the beds, and planted 6 cute little boxwoods! After such a productive morning, we wound down with a yummy snack and some House of Cards!

And now another weekend...and birthday...is here! Tomorrow is Bryce's mom's birthday! We are having she and his stepdad over for an al fresco dinner tonight to celebrate! Rain is in the forecast for the rest of the weekend, but I'm hoping it will give us an excuse to both relax and get some things done inside around the house!

What have you been doing lately on the weekends?

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?

Have a great weekend!