Happy Tuesday readers!

I couldn't be happier that fall weather seems to be around to stay.  We've had a warm spell these last few days, however mornings and nights are still nice and cool and the summer's humidity seems to be long gone.

During the fall and winter months, I tend to live in my Patagonia fleeces:

Sporting my (kids!) Patagonia vest during a shooting weekend last year on RLE's farm!
RLE and Allie

My pullover, Uggs, and long johns were crucial during the blizzard of 2009!
Allie and BSB (my closest guy friend)

I absolutely love my Patagonia products and find them to be a preppy wardrobe essential--especially on UVA's grounds!

Here are some of my favorite Patagonia picks:


As mentioned previously on the blog (see here), I've had my eye on this for 3 years now!

I wore mine at some point almost every day during the fall and winter during college!

And for the gentleman...

I got my dad one of these for Christmas a few years ago and it was a HUGE hit!

Bryce has quite a few of these and I always end up curling up in them at his house!

And of course, we can't forget the kiddos--


Are you a fan of Patagonia?  What are your favorite ways to stay warm in the fall and winter?

Have a great day!


  1. I practically live in my patagonia once the cooler weather comes. They're SO comfortable and warm!

  2. I have been a Patagonia Head for years. I even have some coats circa 1994! xx

  3. I love my Patagonia...and live in it come cool weather. I love the pullovers for when I run in the Cold Nebraska Winter...and their fleeces are the absolute BEST for traveling. But I'm partial :) Cheers

  4. I am a huge fan of Patagonia as well! I live in my Patagonia down jacket during the winter since I live in the mountains and it is always blizzarding! I wear a fleece at some point every single day and I'm about to post about an OOTD of my new patagonia vest!

  5. I love Patagonia fleeces! They are so warm!

  6. I really want to get one for Christmas!! Do you like it better than north face?

  7. i was a die hard north face fleece person, but i think its time to change ships. Patagonia is so much nicer!

  8. I have been considering investing in Patagonia since I am a little tired of my North Face products. Might have to take the dive soon!

  9. I love Patagonia! Nothing against Northface, but Patagonia is the far superior brand, and the quality is out of this world!

  10. I love patagonia!!! You really can't go wrong with their snuggly fleeces!

  11. I've always been crazy about my Northface but I'm also interested in making a change!

  12. AAAALLLIEEEE you are seriously not helping my wallet at all. so just stop.

    but really I miss you and I'm so sad we couldn't get together this week! I'm craving pasta and lotsa cheese!!!!

  13. I just tweeted about this! I want the Re-tool Snap-T pullover in the tan but not sure how they run.. no one sells them down in FL! I wear a M in north face but according to Patagonia's website size 4 should get a small. What size do you wear if you don't mind me asking? :)


  14. I got my first Patagonia last Christmas, and I've already worn it to death! I love their vests and am definitely hoping to invest in one. Your kids one is so cute!

  15. So funny...I was just thinking how I need a Patagonia jacket this morning!

  16. I love the colour of the men's green fleece. :)

  17. I heart patagonia. I have a bright orange pullover that I could live in, if that was socially acceptable.

  18. I love Patagonia, have since the days we used to go out west backpacking and climbing when I was a kid (yes, I was an outdoorsy person at one point in time!) I still have some packe away but haven't used much, I'm sure you don't have to ask why!

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