Happy Tuesday my dears!

Despite a bad case of the Mondays yesterday, the day really went well!  I felt like I was on fire in the lessons and am really getting a good rhythm and rapport with my students as I teach!

Today I wanted to share a new music obsession with you.  As many of y'all know, I'm a tried and true country fan, BUT, what you may not know is that I like pretty much all other genres of music.  I get really excited when I find a new non-country artist that I love.  Thus, I bring you Adele!

At the wedding Bryce and I attended a few weeks ago (see post here), the favor for guests was a CD they created with a great compilation of love songs--some slow and romantic and others fast and fun.  One of the songs was by Adele:  "One and Only."

After hearing that song, I wanted more!  Turns out, my dad had one of her CD's, which I quickly burned.  I recognized a few of the songs on the CD, but have discovered more and more that I love.  Each song pulls me in and I never seem to get tired of listening to her voice.  So today, I'll leave you with a few of my new favorites!

"Rolling in the Deep"

"I'll Be Waiting"

"Rumour Has It"

"Set Fire to the Rain"

"Take It All"

"He Won't Go"

"Someone Like You"

Wow!  What a voice!  Isn't this the perfect soundtrack for a glass (or bottle, ha!) of wine?

Have you ever heard of Adele?  What do you think?  Do you have any newly found music obsessions?

Have a great day!


  1. I am a huge Adele fan and the first time I heard her well before she was really well known I just knew she was destined for serious fame.....her voice is just incredible. And I like her as a person from what I have read. Very talented girl!!

  2. I've heard Adele on the radio. Great voice!

    So glad to hear teaching is going well. You look so happy in all of your pictures!

  3. I love her music. She is so talented!

  4. I couldn't get into the whole Adele craze until my dance company started working on a piece to Set Fire to the Rain... now I'm obsessed with that song and so many of her others!

  5. Ever since I heard her sing "Someone Like You" at the VMAs, I've been hooked! There is so much raw emotion in her music, it's incredible.

  6. I love Adele...it is def a bottle of wine CD!

  7. Adele is always a great go-to! Awesome choices

  8. I love Adele! One of my favorite songs is Someone Like You.

  9. She does have an amazing voice. I had heard of the name, but wasn't familiar with songs.

    That was a great party favor idea.

  10. Feel free to bring that CD with ya next time you see me! xoxoxo Hope you got my text today!

  11. I love Adele. LOVE her! :) She is my newest obsession, too!

  12. New follower! Your blog is soo cute! So glad that I stumbled upon it! One and Only is my very fav Adele song! I was hooked when I first heard - Rolling in the Deep....but they just keep getting better for me. Have you heard her version of "I Can't Make You Love Me" or "To Make You Feel My Love"?? YouTube that stuff!! Might be better than Garth Brooks or Mrs. Raitt, JUST. SAYING. and I looove Garth!! xo

  13. What a sweet wedding favor! I honestly haven't listened to too much of Adele, but I will definitely check her music out now!

  14. I love adele, too! my favorite is one and only :)

  15. I love Adele, her albums are amazing!


  16. I love Adele too! (we are the same.) My favorites are Someone like you and set the fire to the rain.


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