Seeking Fashion Advice!

Wow, TGIF!!  It has been quite the week!  I am so glad that Friday is here!

Bryce actually was able to come home early from Massachusetts and got in late last night.  I won't see him until tonight, but it is just nice to know he is home!  Tonight we are going out on a nice date and tomorrow night we are attending a wedding.

The wedding is the reason I am seeking fashion advice...

Remember from this post that my second date with Bryce involved attending a "Stock the Bar" party for one of Bryce's work friends that was getting married?  Well...the wedding is here!  It's so funny to see where we've come since that second date.  I even remember wondering, "Will I be Bryce's date at that wedding all the way in SEPTEMBER!?!"  Well, my friends, the answer is yes!  And I am trying to decide what to wear to the wedding tomorrow night.

It's an evening wedding with the ceremony at a church followed by the reception at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  The couple getting married is very laid back and a little on the funky/cool side.  

I've been asking Bryce to find out about the attire, because, even though it's an evening wedding, having met the couple and seeing their sassy invitation, I'm not expecting a super formal affair.  The groom told Bryce that  "the wedding is formal but not a black tie affair."

Because buying a new dress is not in the budget, I decided to shop in my own closet and have it down to three, very different, choices:

Choice A
I would either wear my hair down or in a low, loose bun
I would also pair it with a pink wrap to cover my shoulders for the ceremony

Because the dress is so "loud" already, I would wear minimal accessories:

  • I bought this dress on sale a few years ago, but have never worn it--it would be just like wearing a new dress!
  • It is the most comfortable of the three dresses
  • The dress is a little more on the funky side, like the couple, but the length I think also makes it a bit more formal
  • I really want the chance to wear this dress, but am not sure if a wedding is the appropriate occassion for it
  • My cons are more questions--I've read and heard that wearing black to a wedding is no longer considered inappropriate, especially at a night wedding.  How do y'all feel?  Is this dress appropriate for an evening wedding?
  • Even though, I LOVE this dress, it certainly makes quite the statement--is it too loud for a wedding?
Choice B
I would wear my hair down and may pull a little back at the side

I LOVE the gold accessories I pair with this dress:

  • This dress is a classic look and don't you just love the bow?
  • The short length would make it easier to dance in
  • This dress is definitely not white, but it is a lighter color--do y'all think it's too close to white?
  • This dress is not as figure flattering as the other two, in my opinion
  • I've worn this dress on multiple other occasions
  • I've worn it with black peep toe pumps in the past, but would really prefer to wear it with nude pumps, which I don't have.  I also have gold strappy heels, but don't think the style of them go with the look of this dress...
Choice C
I would wear my hair down with this dress

I would accessorize with gold, but have not yet decided which pair of earrings I would wear:
I would definitely wear that gold bracelet...which earrings do you like best?

  • This is definitely the "safest" of the three choices
  • I LOVE the blue color
  • The short length is good for dancing
  • I've worn this dress on multiple other occasions
  • Is the blue a little too summery?
  • Sometimes I feel that this dress makes me look bigger than I am


What do y'all think?  I'm leaning towards Choice A but want you to tell me if you think it's inappropriate for a wedding...

Please help!!

And...have a GREAT weekend!