The Picker Sisters

Happy Hump Day!

I just LOVE short weeks!

Today, I wanted to share a new TV obsession with you:  The Picker Sisters.

Have any of y'all seen it?  This past weekend, SEG raved about it and told me to check it out OnDemand.  

The show actually airs on Lifetime Tuesday nights at 10 pm, but yesterday I spent a few hours watching episode after episode.

This show tells the story of Tracy Hutson and Tanya McQueen--best friends and designers--who travel around the country in search of junk.  They bargain with the locals and turn the junk they find into the coolest decor items for their home with the help of their contractor, Alan.

The Team
Tracy (left), Tanya (right), Alan (top)

These girls have the funniest personalities and always make an adventure out of their trips; they also wear the cutest, funkiest outfits I tend to swoon over!  Tracy and Tanya have a vision and knack for design that is rare.  They can literally look at the rustiest, oldest piece of junk and envision it as the coolest table, light fixture, or accessory for your home.  

A scene from their store

Here are some of my favorites of their transformations:

Wagon Wheel and Rope Chandelier

Chain Link Table

Chairs made from mule collars--I think these would be great in a library or as "man chairs"

What do you think of their work?  

To check out the show, watch it online by clicking here!

Are you currently addicted to any new shows?

Have a great day!


  1. Wow, these girls are really creative!! :] I'll definitely check out their show for decorating tips. My sister and I are currently addicted to Gossip Girl. We are a bit behind on episodes, so we have been watching the previous DVDs! -- Aly

  2. They are really creative! I hadn't heard of this show!

  3. I watched this show last week...and I love it. Especially how cute they dress. haha. It amazes me how they find/salvage/get for free this 'junk' and make it into something breath-taking! Happy Hump Day. oxo

  4. I like them because they are creative but I also like American Pickers because of all the genuine antiques they find.

  5. YES!!! I just found this show last week and couldn't stop watching. They are super creative, it so neat to see what they find, and bargain to purchase.

  6. I've never seen or heard of them! OMG, new obsession I bet, for sure! Have a great Wednesday, Allie and thanks for sharing this!

  7. My boyfriend loved the chain link table! He stumbled across the show one night and knew I would love it and had to tell me about it. Don't you love that :)

    They are so cute I love them!

  8. I stumbled upon a marathon of Picker Sisters the other day and watched a few episodes. They are so creative! Most of the things aren't really my cup of tea but I think it's super cool to see how the finished product looks.

  9. I think I'd love this show! I'm actually going on my annual flea market trip next weekend so I may have to queue this up to help prep! ;)

  10. Never watched this Allie but now I know what I'm doing come 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon when my weekend begins :) living in front of the tv that's for sure! And we decided not to go to the race this weekend so I will no longer be sad you cannot join us!

  11. ooo never even heard of it!! Sounds amazing - I will definitely be checking it out :)

  12. I bet that is a great show. People have so much talent. When I see stuff, it's junk. I admire that talent.

  13. I like it! Especially since I'm in total "designer mode" with our apartment right now haha. You'll have to come by and help a sista out!

  14. Wow they look really cool! I don't think their show is on TV here though. :(


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