Needlepoint Flats

Happy Tuesday readers!

Today is a big day for student teaching--my teacher is gone all day so I will be the full-time teacher, all day by myself, for the first time!  Wish me luck!

Today, I have a new discovery to share with you!  A few nights ago as I was doing some "online window shopping," I came across a new obsession:  needlepoint ballet flats.

Be prepared to swoon...

If I haven't mentioned it yet..I LOVE a good animal print!

I'm picturing these with cute fall skirts!

The pairing of the powder blue with this sassy zebra print is to die for, if you ask me!

These would be so cute paired with jeans and a plain black top!

To browse the other styles, click here!

And for your mini-me, they even make needlepoint baby booties!

I'm buzzing over these precious bee baby booties!

What do you think?  Would you wear needlepoint ballet flats or think needlepoint should be left to pillows and belts?

Have a great day!


  1. These are adorable!

    Happy first day of independent teaching! xoxo

  2. These are so cute! I love the navy and white checked ones!

    Good luck on your first day of independent teaching! You will do great!

  3. I love these, especially the Fall Check flats.

  4. oh my gosh, this is AMAZING...I know what I'm asking for for Christmas! Hope your day of teaching by yourself goes well!

  5. Those are perfect for Fall :)

    Hope that your first day of teaching by yourself goes really well!

  6. good luck today!

    I think you need a pair of those flats :)

  7. I would wear needlepoint flats, especially those navy and white ones. Swoon!

  8. Oh you know me and needlepoint now! We're like bff! These are too cute! I think you could pull them off waaaaay better than I could though.

  9. Hope today went well! I love these shoes--they've been on my mile-long wishlist forever. I may need to pull the trigger soon. ;)

  10. I am going right this very minute! Love love love them, espeically the leopard, if they are less than Stubbs and Wooton, they are sold!

  11. those baby booties are so cute :)

    hope your first day as a 'full time teacher' went well!

  12. Very cool shoes! Hope your first day of teaching on your own went awesomely! I remember being So freaked out the first time I was left on my own!

  13. Lately I have been loving everything needlepoint and leopard print so that combo is amazing!!! They would look soo cute with skinnies, I think I NEED these.

  14. Bookmarking right now! I love the navy and white ones!


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