A Healthy Dose of "Me" Time

Happy Monday friends!

Today is the (second) first day of school and I couldn't be more ready to be back in a routine!

This weekend provided just the right amount of "me" time.  I have enjoyed a *little* bit of time without Bryce, but now I'm ready for him to be home, which sadly will not be until Friday.  Luckily, however, I think this first week back at school will keep me plenty busy and hopefully make the week fly by!

As I was leaving Open House Thursday night I was spellbound by the Louisa countryside at sunset.  I even stopped twice to take pictures of the gorgeous landscape that surrounded me.  It was the perfect start to my weekend.

Sunsets don't get much more gorgeous than this!


Friday was spent running errands (aka: fulfilling my desperate need for a little shopping), working on lesson plans at Starbucks with ALG while she studied Neuro-something-or-other, and enjoying a little girls night.

To fulfill my shopping void I stopped by one of my favorite Richmond spots, The Shops at 5807.

What do you think of my new bamboo wine rack?
Because I still live at home and have nowhere to put this right now, I'm in the process of convincing Bryce it would look fabulous on his kitchen counter until I get an apartment next summer...

Aren't these new earrings show stoppers?
Shhh..they were only $18!

Later that night ALG, JLA, and LMR and I had a girls night!  I've been friends with ALG and JLA for a long time and recently met LMR (one of JLA's college friends) and knew that the four of us would have a really good time together...so I organized a fun night!  Our night involved delicious Thai food at Mom's Siam in Carytown followed by good wine and good girl talk!


Saturday I enjoyed pedicures and lunch with the wife of one of Bryce's best friends and co-workers.  We had a really great time and I'm excited for a new friendship.  I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and then attended another one of the meetings for the non-profit I am working to create with a group of people--I promise more details will be coming...eventually!  

Finally, Sunday involved a baptism of a close family friend's new baby, a trip to Sweet Frog with ALG, family dinner, and preparations for today's first day of school and the two lessons I will be teaching!

Though my weekend was jam-packed with lots of fun things, it was all very relaxing and nothing felt rushed or overly-scheduled.  

How was your weekend?  What do you do for "me" time?