Rainbows: A Preppy Wardrobe Essential

Happy Thursday!

I did manage to catch up on a lot of my blog reading yesterday, but for those of you I haven't gotten to yet, just bear with me!

 Today's post is about a preppy wardrobe staple:  Rainbow Sandals.

Rainbows come in an array of styles, however the most popular is the "Premier Leather" style.  They are offered in both a wide and narrow strap for ladies and just a wide for men.  I prefer the narrow strap.

The neutral color goes with just about any outfit and the soles mold to your feet for a super comfortable fit!

I bought my first pair of rainbows junior year of high school, SIX YEARS AGO, and have been wearing them like crazy ever since.  These flip flops have been worn in the ocean, in the mud, crazy storms, and more!

they're pretty worn out!

the biggest issue with them now is that the stitching has begun to come out

Because their condition has worsened I've been meaning to get a new pair all summer.  Well, yesterday, I popped into J. Crew.  Though I didn't find any clothes to buy, I did find that they now sell Rainbows and jumped at the chance to buy a new pair!

Hopefully these will hold up for six years too!

Do you own a pair of Rainbows?  What are your favorite flip flop brands?

As a side note, I have some news for you.  Last week, while celebrating JLA's 22nd birthday, I met quite the gentleman.  We hit it off and are going on a first date tonight.  This is the first guy I've been excited about in a while so keep your fingers crossed all goes well!

Celebrating JLA's 22nd!

Finally, today is the last day I will be accepting questions for "Ask Allie."  If you have any questions, you're dying to ask me put them in your comment or shoot me an email at sundressesandsmiles@gmail.com.  Tomorrow's post will feature answers to all of your questions and I'd love to get some more questions from y'all!  Nothing is off limits!

Have a great day!