Humpback Rock

Happy Monday!

Did y'all have a good weekend?

Mine was fabulous and filled with clear skies and perfect temperatures!

I consider myself to be quite the girly girl, however, I also attempt to be outdoorsy at times.  I've been itching to go on a hike for a few weeks.  Since it was so pretty out, Saturday my cousin, CJE, and I  decided to be outdoorsy and head to Charlottesville for a hike.  One of my favorite things about C'ville is the mountains and all the fun outdoors activities it has to offer.

Humpback Rock, off the Blue Ridge Parkway, is one of the most popular hikes in the area and one I have now done three times.  It is a short hike, but pretty strenuous.

We started the hike a little after 2 pm.  The weather was PERFECT:  Low 70s, little humidity, and a nice breeze.

There are two trails to the top and we chose the one that I usually follow.  Before we got anywhere though, we were told that there was a Mama Bear and two Cubs on that trail so we quickly changed our route!

Ready to Go!

This rock was the perfect spot for a quick break!


Once we made it to the top we decided to have a picnic.  We had stopped at one of my favorite Cville spots, Bellair Market and got their hiking special.  For $23.99 we got two specialty sandwiches; two bags of chips or pieces of fruit; two bottles of water or cans of soda; two cookies or two brownies; and a cooler to carry it all in!

Ready to chow down!


CJE and Allie

I'm on top of the world!!

CJE is savoring the moment.

We stayed at the top for about an hour, chatting and taking in the views.

On our way down, we heard there had been a rattlesnake sighting RIGHT where we had picnicked and then we even saw a doe!  It let us get really close before it ran away!

so pretty!

this is with ZERO zoom!

I'm glad that the bears and snake were not seen by us, because I think the outdoorsy-ness in me would have vanished instantly and been replaced with a terrified lady!  The gentle doe was the perfect end of the hike for me!

Do you like to hike?  

How was your weekend?

Have a wonderful day!