Anthem LemonAid

Happy Hump Day!  This week has been dragging by, so I'm hoping that the last half of the week will go by fast.

Last night I had a horrible migraine, so aside from writing this post, I didn't do much else, however, tonight I am hoping to get some blog reading time in and see what's going on in all of your lives!

Every summer, the Cuties and I have talked about having a lemonade stand.  Last year, we heard about Anthem LemonAid, a program in which people sign up to host lemonade stands as a fundraiser for the Children's Miracle Network.  We decided that would really make our lemonade stand meaningful, but missed the deadline.  This year, we were sure to sign up in time and had our stand last Friday.

Anthem provides you with all of the supplies needed--lemonade, a pitcher, poster, balloons, stickers, and even a lemon hat.

We set up around noon.

Getting the balloons ready!

Cutie B is ready to attract customers in his lemon hat.

All set up!

The suggested donation for a glass of lemonade was $1.  The start of the day was slow and I started worrying we weren't going to sell anything.  That all changed quickly, though, and many people gave more than a dollar.  Our peak selling time was from about 12:30-1 pm, but we stayed out until 3 pm!

Cutie B decided to dance, sing, and shake maraccas to attract customers!
He even at one point started exclaiming "It will make your taste buds smooth" as a sales pitch!

Cutie A's turn in the hat
And I even had a turn...

All of us together!

We ended up making $84.80 total!  I donated an extra 20 cents to make it an even $85.  We're going to write the check together tomorrow and put it in the mail to Anthem!

To see when Anthem LemonAid is being held in your area, click here.

Have you ever had a lemonade stand?