True Style

Hello everyone!

I have been walking on sunshine the last two days.  I think the official start to summer may have contributed to some of my happiness, but also I think it is just the overall joy that summertime brings to me.  There's just something about the slower paced way of life as well as being with my family, the Cuties, and my friends here in my home that puts me in a state of bliss!

Today's post is my summertime version of a "deep" post.  As I mentioned last week, I like to keep this blog grounded with some more serious posts every now and then but hadn't really been inspired by anything serious lately, until I thought of the idea for today's post.

Who and what do you think of when you think of true style?

Maybe Jackie O?

Or royal Kate?

Perhaps you think of the glamorous Grace Kelly?

Maybe you even think of me! 
KIDDING...of course!

When I think of Jackie, Kate, Grace, and countless other women that exude style, I think of more than just the beauty and fashion that they may have in common.  Each of these women possesses something more that gives them style.

In the Blogworld, it is easy to get caught up in shopping for all the latest fashions and the materialistic aspects of style.  However, while it is fun to swoon together over these things, it is also important to remember that style is so much more than a clothing label.

Style is not just what you wear, it's how you wear it.

For example, we can all think of "that girl"--the girl that may have the best clothes and always look put together, but behaves in the trashiest ways.  To me, though the girl may have fashion sense, she does not possess true style.

True style is characterized by confidence, poise, a smile, grace, kind words and gestures, etc, etc...

Women that possess these traits and carry themselves with dignity have style regardless of what they're wearing.  So the next time you splurge on that must-have wardrobe piece, also remember that your style comes from within!

Who are your style icons?  What do you think gives a woman true style?

Have a STYLISH day!