The Time I (Almost) Burnt the House Down

Hello and Happy Summer to everyone!

I hope today's post will bring a smile to your face and maybe even a few chuckles at my expense!

I'd like to think I'm a pretty good cook--I follow recipes and they usually turn out the way they should.  I'd also like to think I'm pretty smart...BUT, every now and then, I have what my family refers to as "blonde moments."

One of those moments was this past Saturday.  Remember the cupcakes we enjoyed at LPC's birthday celebration?  I made those yummy cupcakes, but not without a little excitement in the E household.

You see, I had two pans of cupcakes and wanted to put them both in at the same time.  The only problem is that our oven can be very finicky.  You have to have the racks in just the right spots.  If they're too high, whatever you're baking won't cook all the way through, and if they're too low, whatever you're baking will burn.  I decided to put the cupcakes on the two middle racks.  This was mistake #1!

I opened the oven to see that the bottom rack of cupcakes had risen onto the top rack and made quite the mess.  Here comes mistake #2...

Some batter had fallen to the bottom of the oven.  I thought to myself, if I leave it and wait for the oven to cool, the batter will have hardened and it will be an even  bigger pain to clean up.  I grabbed a napkin and quickly tried to scoop up the batter...


I immediately started yelling "FIRE! FIRE!"  My parents came running in, I threw the flaming napkin in the trashcan and began dumping cups of water onto it.  Luckily, the only casualty of this incident was the bottom racks of cupcakes and the poor incinerated napkin.

Ugly smooshed cupcakes--luckily it wasn't  a full tray!

Pretty top tray of cupcakes.

Ugly cupcakes with the excess shaved off and taste-tested by moi.

Through this mishap, I did discover that there's nothing a little pink can't fix!

The ugly cupcakes were made-over with pink icing!

I thought this little yellow cocktail umbrella would be a fun addition!

I put sprinkles on the top batch and took them to LPC's birthday celebration.

What are some of your funniest kitchen mishaps?

Have a great day!