Scout Deano Bag

Happy Thursday!

Again, I'd like to reiterate from yesterday's post, I'm sorry for my lack of commenting this week.  It's been hard enough to get my posts written.  I am missing all of your blogs though and am hoping to catch up soon!

Today's post was inspired by Leigh, over at Hines-Sight Blog.  She recently wrote a post that was called "Packing a Boden Swimsuit and Much More in My Pool Bag" (see here).  I love reading all her funny antics as a busy, Southern mama and in this post she did not disappoint!

The phenomena she explained is one any mama or babysitter understands--going to the pool with kids involves a lot of PACKING!

When I go to the pool, river, or beach by myself I pack a cute little Pink & Green crab beach bag that perfectly holds a bottle of sunscreen, my towel, and a few magazines or books.  Once I started taking the Cuties to the pool, though, a few years ago, it quickly became clear that my cute little bag wouldn't cut it.

I, therefore, decided to purchase a much bigger cute bag:  The Scout Deano bag!  All the super cute moms at the Cuties' country club have them, so I fit right in!

Poolside with my Scout Deano!

This is my third summer of carrying the bag almost daily and it is still in great shape!

The thing is huge!

My Deano bag usually contains at least three beach towels, a few pairs of goggles, diving sticks, lots of sunscreen, sunglasses, magazines, books, a cosmetic bag, lunchbox and more!  It is literally HUGE!!

Scout also makes the cutest storage bins, coolers, trash bins, lunchboxes and more, always in bright, preppy prints!

I am loving some of this summer's prints and am thinking I might have to get myself another Scout something!

"Spirit Liftah" for $7?  YES, PLEASE!

"Packin' Heat"..I'll take that too!

An insulated "Cool Clutch" would also be a nice addition to my Scout collection!

Don't you just LOVE the print on this "Uptown Girl"?

Do you own anything made by Scout?  How do you keep track of all your pool gear?

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Have a great Thursday..it's almost the HOLIDAY WEEKEND!