Summer Reading & A Tag

Happy Thursday!

Saying I was tired in yesterday's post was an understatement!  Yesterday I left the house around 8 am and did not get back until 10 pm.  I had a fun day, but didn't get to bed until 1 am (WAY past my summer nannying bedtime)!

I know I've done a few book reviews, but I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned just how much I love to read.  I've always been a huge reader and usually at the beginning of the summer I read like crazy and just zoom through books.  This summer I haven't been reading quite as fast--I think due to having had summer school--but I have done some good reading.  Last week I stopped by the library and went a little overboard...I got 7 books!

I don't think I'll make it through all of these in the month-long check-out!

A lot of these are books I discovered through blog friends and others are just random books I've wanted to read or that I found on this great site called What Should I Read Next? recommended by Seersuckered Sailor.  It's very cool--you basically type in a book you love or have recently read and it will suggest tons of other books that are similar.  

Before checking out these, I read Letter to My Daughter by George Bishop and Barefoot by Elin Hildebrand.  Both were very good and I highly recommend them!

Right now I'm about 2/3 of the way through To Kill a Mockingbird.  It was never assigned to me during school, but I've always wanted to read it.  I'll have to say, I was pleasantly surprised that despite being a "classic" it's a very easy read!  I might have to do a review of it when I finish, though I imagine many of you have already read it!  

What's on your summer reading list?

Secondly, for this post, I wanted to fill out a cute survey one of my best blog friends, Maddie at spark, tagged me in!

Favorite Nickname?
Probably Allie Boo.  This nickname was coined by my dad and when I was little he would sing this song:
  "Allie Boo, Allie Boo
Pretty, pretty, pretty Allie Boo,
I love you, 
I dooooo."

Allie and Daddy before a UVA Football Game

Favorite Color
Pink and Yellow are my two favorite colors with Blue as a close second!

Are you outgoing?
YES!  I am incredibly outgoing, love to speak in front of a big crowd, etc, but can get shy during certain situations!

Are you more cautious or curious?
Hmmm, this one is tough.  I'd say when it comes to safety, I'm most definitely more cautious.  But when it comes to learning about the world I am very curious and have always loved pondering life's "big questions."

Favorite food?
I always have a tough time picking favorites.  Some of my favorites, though are:  Mac-N-Cheese, Chicken Parmesan, and Crabcakes.

Favorite drink?
This one's tough too.  If we're talking alcohol, probably a Pina Colada, though I don't have them often.  My go-to drink when I'm out is a Dirty Shirley Temple.

A night that may have involved a few too many Dirty Shirleys!

Cat lover or dog lover?
Dog lover 100%

Favorite sport?
Volleyball--I played competitively for years and really miss it!

Favorite song of the moment?
"Old Alabama" by Brad Paisley 
"Honey Bee" by Blake Shelton

What is your current occupation?
Summer Nanny and Graduate Student

Cutie A & Cutie B

What are you wearing right now?
The pajamas I got for Easter (see here).  In a few minutes I will be changing into a bikini and cover-up!

What time did you wake up today?
6:30 am, because I had to write this post (usually I schedule them the night before)

I'm not going to tag anyone in this post, but I would LOVE for any of you to answer these questions!  Be sure to let me know if you do so I can stop by and read your answers!

Have a great day!


  1. As I scanned the picture of the books you got, I have to say you have great taste! Most of them are on my summer reading list as well! My next book is South of Broad. My book club chose that as our June book, so I would love to get your take on it after you read it. :)

    PS-My bachelorette is in August, so no rush on the C-ville post!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous summer of reading is in stored for you. There is nothing better than curlyig up outside on the lounger with a cup of tea and a good book, during the early evening. Wishing you a fabulous week-end xo HHL

  3. What's in a Dirty Shirley Temple? I have never had one! Be sure to check out my Mills bag giveaway! xx

  4. You have to read South of Broad next! It is a great, quick read. You will love it...and you have to think of me when you read it.

    P.S. It will make you want to visit Charleston. Maybe this is why I want you to read it...NOW!

  5. I love Pat Conroy, but I haven't read South of Broad yet, so let us know how you like it. I read Barefoot last summer and loooved it, too! I just finished a book called Room, it was different but so good. I couldn't put it down!

  6. I'm a huge reader too-thanks for sharing that website, I'll have to check it out. Love the picture of you and your Dad on the Lawn.

  7. What is in the Dirty Shirley Temple? I am just finishing Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell not sure what my next read will be. I only really like chic lit. Can't get into dramatic reads.

  8. Oh my, I have enjoyed one or two dirty shirleys in my day. Great drink choice haha. That song by you dad is too cute!

  9. One Day is one of the best books I have ever read. I read it a few months ago and I still think about it often...

  10. Okay, so I'm officially on the bandwagon of loving "The Help"...have you read it yet? So many people have blogged about it, I can't remember who has and who hasn't! If not, it's a MUST. I adore To Kill a Mockingbird...I think Atticus Finch is any law student's object of adoration :) Happy reading!

  11. Interesting! Thanks for posting. Also, thanks for throwing up that link to What Should I Read Next. I have a hard time deciding on things, but I'm currently working on The Pillars of the Earth (not so sure I like it yet or not).

  12. What a great post! Firstly it's great because of the awesome shoutout, but mostly because of the wonderful books you have in store to read/ finish. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the only schoolbooks I actually enjoyed reading, and Pat Conroy is such a wonderful writer so you definately have some good material to enjoy for a while :-)

  13. I just learned so much about you, Allie! Um, what is a dirty shirley temple? I have a strong feeling I would thoroughly enjoy this drink.

  14. I'm a huge book nerd and definitely have an obsession with my library, haha. I'll have to check out that site you mentioned! I am impressed with your dedication to waking up early to write a post!!

  15. I saw one of your book choices is Pat Conroy's South of Broad. It is such an amazing book, I couldn't put it down, especially if you love the south and Charleston, SC. Hope you love it!!

    I am also curious what is in a dirty shirley??? If it tastes anything like a shirley temple...count me in :)

  16. Aw I love "To Kill a Mockingbird"! Brings back memories of middle school.. we were all so innocent weren't we? Great blog!


  17. I'm so glad you told me about that website, I can't wait to check it out. South of Broad is a complex read but SO good! :)

  18. Allie, you are a voracious reader! I love reading too -- just finished The Help (LOVE) and just started One Day which I spy on your nightstand! Let me know how you like it! Maybe we can do a joint book review? :)

  19. Love this post! and it was fun reading your answers to the survey questions.


  20. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books I've ever read, and one I've read multiple times. I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

  21. Darling Allie!
    I love your book list and will add several of those to my summer list, which includes The Reliable Wife, An Object of Beuaty and Half the Sky. Some light, some not.

    Your summer charges are absolutely precious!!! I'm sure they are thrilled to spend the summer with YOU!

    xo Elizabeth

  22. I just finished South of Broad and LOVED it! Such a quick, suspenseful summer read, I'm a huge reader too, I love it!

  23. I LOVE to read also.. I have a huge list that I have been keeping and I've read five of them so far this summer! Novels are my "escape," if you will. I loved "To Kill a Mockingbird," it's one of my favorite books, enjoy! :)

  24. I love reading, too! I am almost finished with Water for Elephants and I don't get what all the hype is all about so far, but we'll see. Love Pat Conroy :) I can't believe you got up at 6:30 am to do a blog post! I could never do that lol. xoxo

  25. I'm very curious to hear your review of Mockingbird because I never had to read that one in school either, but I really would like to! And can I just say, your dad is *ADORABLE*...that song is just too cute for words!

  26. I love Pina Coladas and To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my all-time fave novels...Happy reading!!

  27. Mockingbird is one of my all-time favorites, up there with Jane Austen novels. South of Broad was good as well. Have fun reading and thanks for the suggestions!

  28. Thanks for sharing that wonderful reading site! I have been reading like crazy lately, and got lots of new ideas by putting in the book The Paris Wife into the search. ;)


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