Weekend Perfection

Happy Monday to everyone!!  Aside from summer thunderstorms (which I love) it appears the rain is gone for a  while--yippee!

I was going to stay in Cville for the weekend, but ended up deciding to go home to Richmond instead and am so glad I did.  This weekend was pretty much perfect.

I got in Friday afternoon and relaxed for a bit.  That night we headed to one of our favorites, The Grapevine for a family dinner.  After dinner that night we watched Black Swan.  I had seen it in theaters and actually think I liked it better the second time around.

Saturday, one of my best friends, ALG came over for some quality time.  She just graduated from Furman University, and I had not seen her since Spring Break.  We laid by the pool for a bit then checked out two of our favorite boutiques:  The French Boutique and Monkee's.  We ended the day with delicious smoothies!  It was so good to catch up with her and I am SO excited that she will be in Richmond with me this summer and beyond (she's going to VCU's Physical Therapy School)!

this is actually a picture of us by the pool 2 summers ago!

Saturday night I made an Italian Sausage and Wild Mushroom Risotto for dinner, which turned out wonderfully, if I do say so myself!  I will post the recipe and pictures later this week.

And now for the big excitement of this post!  Sunday, I was in the mood to do a little shopping at one of my favorites, Marshall's.  In case you haven't noticed, I love to find a good deal, and our Marshall's carries the best stuff!  I scored big this weekend!

My first stop was the home section.

I didn't buy this, but I had to snap a picture to tell you a funny tidbit-- my college mind first thought these were shot glasses!  I then realized they're candle holders!

After checking out the home section, I spotted something on the way towards the clothes.  I have been wanting a straw clutch/purse for quite some time, but have never been able to decide on one--the $16.99 price tag on this one made my decision!

Find #1!

My next stop was clothes.  They usually place the biggest name brands towards the front so I started there.  I lucked out so much in the front section I didn't even look anywhere else!

I tried on a BCBG cardigan, Velvet Cardigan, Free People tunic, Testament tank, 2 styles of Paige white jeans, and a dress by a random designer.

Testament Tank ($39.99) and Paige Jeans ($39.99)
I got both of these, but got one size up in the jeans.

Dress by random designer ($19.99)--also got this!

I LOVED the braided detailing on the pockets of these jeans, but this cut was not as flattering as the other cut (pictured above) so sadly, I didn't get them!

my total loot--all for $122.18!!

When I got home, we had a visitor in our yard-- a SNAKE!


I do NOT like snakes one bit, even these "harmless" snakes.  My dad shooed him back into the woods--I would have preferred him DEAD!

Daddy shooing the snake back to his home.

What did you do this weekend?